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January 03 2017

Felicia Day announces she is pregnant. She broke the news with a photo. She says she is due in a few weeks and the baby is a girl. Congratulations Felicia!

Edited to unbury the lede.
Thanks Sunfire, I was thinking of letting Felicia have her announcment by keeping it a surprise for people to discover rather than spoil by announcing it for her. But happy with your edit anyway.

It is really wonderful news to hear and amazing that she has managed to keep it such a secret until now.

[ edited by Crypto on 2017-01-04 01:43 ]
Yay for Felicia! Yay for planet Earth too! (We could use at least one or two more like her, after all... )
Congrats, Felicia!!! *in case she happens upon this*
Wow, stealthiest pregnancy ever! :)

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