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January 06 2017

'Slayers & Vampires: The Complete Uncensored, Unauthorized Oral History of BtVS & Angel' is also out this year. The 20th anniversary tie-ins keep rolling in. This book promises us "candid recollections of writers, creators, executives, programmers, critics and cast members".

Note that this book is not yet listed on

Published by Tor, and the Nancy Holder one on the other post is from Harper, curious if we might see something of the sorts from Simon & Schuster, still have my Watchers's Guides, Angel Casefiles and Mosnter Book on my shelf.
This sounds like it could be really good. I'd be interested to see who they got to contribute. I'm very interested in what the cast and writers say, but I hope they get some crew members and people who worked on other hands-on aspects of the production. I'd love this to be a full portrait of all the parts.
One of the writers did really good Buffyverse interviews back in the day so I have high hopes for this.

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