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January 06 2017

Nathan Fillion will guest star in Drew Barrymore's new horror comedy show on Netflix. "Santa Clarita Diet" will be available to watch on February 3rd.

This sounds quite weird. Not totally sure I want to go there, even though it will have Fillion guesting.
It reminds me of Slither.
Never saw Slither either. But in what way does it remind you of Slither, Simon? (It's possible I could watch these things during mornings, a long time before I try to go to sleep!)
Well Nathan plus a horror comedy always reminds me of him in Slither.
Slither is an overlooked gem. Always a hoot every time I watch it.
I'm Bill Pardy!
"The show was created by Victor Fresco, whose quirky humor in shows such as ABC’s Better Off Ted and Fox’s Andy Richter Controls the Universe didn’t find a big-enough broadcast audience." Both of those shows were amazing. I'm in.
I loved Slither. One of the few gross horror films I can watch.

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