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January 06 2017

High school students to include Joss Whedon's work as part of a time capsule for a NASA satellite. The CubeSat will be launched from New Zealand on June 23rd. By a sheer coincidence, this is Joss' birthday.

But we need to know what work! Does anyone have any more info? All it says is "with work from Joss Whedon, the writer and director of 'The Avengers'."

Firefly is obviously most appropriate, given that it's going to space.
"Titan A.E." would be a great fit as well. :)
Firefly is on the space station from what I remember. But it would be nice to think in hundreds of years, some one up there comes across an old satellite in orbit and is able to watch a digital episode or film of Joss'.
This is very cool indeed!

I can see where they wouldn't want to include Buffy or Angel.

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