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January 06 2017 ranks the 20 most important episodes of Buffy. Another list for discussion and argument.

One day we'll have to go through the Best/Important/Favourite episodes of Buffy lists that have been linked to here, put them all together, and come up with definitive Best of the Best of Lists. And also there's just no love for The Puppet Show which is my favourite Monster of the Week episode.
And Passions, always Passions!
No Restless?
No Fool for Love?
No Doppelgangland or The Wish?
No BBB or the Zeppo?

I have some disagreements here.
Hey, as long as entertainment websites have to keep generating content, we will always have lists like this. Then again, better BtVS is still being talked about than not talked about.
I remember back in 2003 one very disgruntled fan said "within a year no one will be talking about the show". That did not turn out to be the case.
Definetly would put Passion in there as one of the most important episodes- the killing of Jenny by Angelus was the first time a major supporting character got killled off, which added to the feeling that anyone could die and brought up the possibility that Buffy might have to actually kill Angel.
Simon, perhaps you should get us to state our preferences, and we could come up with our very own list? I mean, it's not like we lack for opionions!
No, no, and no. There are no favorites of BtVS because we love them all. I love this nippicking!
I agree that Passions is an omission, but I actually think it's not a bad list in terms of 'important' as differentiated from 'favourite'.
I agree that The Wish is a great piece of television, but it doesn't really move the grand story along (though it does demonstrate the importance of Buffy having friends). Similarly Hush, which is usually higher up on 'best of' lists, made Buffy and Riley admit their feelings to each other, but how many people care about the episode because of that? (Willow and Tara's realisation was more significant).

Overall while of course you can always argue about the order and everyone's list will always be different, I thought it was interesting to look at the episode's "importance" to the series beyond its strength as an episode.

Edit: seeing as how The Wish made Anya a permanent feature I'm willing to give it more importance than at first glance
It is actually the strength in the ties they establish between a vampire and their human selves that I love. It is what makes the vamps' flashbacks worthwhile, complex and such incredibly fabulous, informative inclusions. As such, Fool for Love was a real omission. It was an interesting list with a different slant by looking at importance, but I'm sure if I sat and pondered on it mine would somewhat differ.

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I think the author of the list might have been a bit confused about "Lies My Parents Told Me" and "Fool for Love," since the picture is clearly from the latter and the "Spike's past" aspects they are talking about seem to be mostly from "FfL" as well.

Going by what Joss says himself, I think his list would definitely include "The Wish"—and also "The Pack."

ETA—I agree with Andrew and Madhatter.

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Tsk. "Normal Again" was the most important episode of the show, since it established what was really happening.

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