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"Who is this? Who is this? I came to fight the vampire with a soul. Guess you shouldn't have sold it, huh?"
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January 10 2017

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD 4x09 Sneak Peek #2 "Broken Promises." This looks to be the scene that preceded the first clip but it does contain a little bit more than the discussion about Aida.

Question: Was Ruth Negga's Golden Globe nomination ever mentioned on Whedonesque? She was marvelous in "Loving."
I wanna see Loving, but it was limited release to begin with back in November and is now only playing at one theatre a bit too far from Toronto to be worth the trip.

Love Ruth Negga, loved Raina, and looking forward to checking out Preacher on AMC eventually. The pics and trailer for Loving look great and I'm a HUGE Joel Edgerton fan (ever since him and Tom Hardy in WARRIOR, which is my personal pick for best fight movie I've seen so far -- put all the boxing, MMA, and individual martial arts films onto a list, that's at the topmof mine).

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