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January 09 2017

Kyle MacLachlan's 'Twin Peaks' returns May 21st on Showtime. It will run for 18 episodes with a two hour premiere and episodes 3 & 4 will be online soon after.

Really looking forward to this.
Joss has made two comments about David Lynch regarding his own work.

One was in response to people thinking his use of stage curtains in an episode of Buffy was a reference to David Lynch's work which Joss said was not the case.

The other time was when Dollhouse came out Joss joked he had showed it to
David Lynch and he did not get it, which I wonder if it was just a joke or whether Joss had actually shown it to Lynch.

Regardless of all this I wonder if Joss enjoys Lynch's work.
I gotta watch the rest of the original Twin Peaks some day. Only ever saw Season 1. I've heard that Fire Walk with Me is excellent as well. Or was the other movie (the pilot?) the great piece of it ?

Is this a reboot, or a continuation ?

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Continuation as far as I am aware.
@Kris: Just season 1? Really? Not even the (fantastic) first part of season 2, with the revelations about Laura's murder? Now, I wouldn't blame you if you stopped after that, because the show lost its way after that for the most part, and the rest of season 2 was mostly painfully bad.

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