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January 10 2017

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD S4 will feature a third arc later in the season. Jed Whedon spoke to the press at the 2017 TCA Winter Press Tour and discussed the upcoming LMD arc and what's coming next. EW spoke with Channing Dungey, president of ABC Entertainment Group, and the future of the show and other marvel projects for the network are also briefly addressed.

It will be interesting to see how the audience takes this. We end up after probably 7 eps with the end of an arc and then go
dark for 4 weeks before finishing. FWIW I like it. Plus March is a bad month because of sports.
If there is no discussion thread in the next 5 minutes, where should we discuss?
The network exec HAS to do network exec-speak and call this current season the best one yet...but I don't think it stands out as such, so far. We'll see, once it's finished. I'm not sure which of the three previous seasons was the best. Would need a rewatch, which I'll probably never get around to.

Still curious about what John Ridley wrote for Marvel.

Was hoping she'd talk IMAX and the Inhumans series a bit. :(

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Yeah, it's nice that she is supportive of the show, but season 4 hasn't been anything special so far. Although the latest episode seems promising, in terms of the possibility of an interesting overarching storyline finally shaping up for this season. But it's also made me see all the clearer how much the Ghost Rider "storyline" was a whole lot of hype. They really did not make him an organic part of the story, themes or the character dynamics - other than being another badass dude with a dark past that people can ship with Daisy and make Youtube videos about.

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Speaking of Skye/Daisy-shipping, I do love that they've kept their female lead single for almost the entire run of the series so far (the only time something almost solid started to shape up was with Lincoln).
@Kris: Main characters on this show tend to remain single most of the time, or have terrible things happen to/with their love interests as soon as there's the possibility of an actual relationship lasting longer than a couple of episodes. (Or they're always in an on-off state like Bobbi and Hunter.) FitzSimmons have become the only major exception. I hope that doesn't bode any disaster for Elena.

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