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January 10 2017

(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x09 "Broken Promises". Welcome back for the midseason premiere! This episode was written by Brent Fletcher and directed by Garry Brown.

Good to be back. :)
Yeah. Talk about a last minute entry!

Hey, Whedonesquers!
I almost forgot this was back tonight, save for someone mentioning it on Twitter.

That may have been me.
More shades of Ex Machina!
Hi stuck on my phone. Seen it. Mostly good. Mack & Elena are still so cute I worry for their future in a Whedon show.
Sounded like he called her "Quick".
Hmmm, interesting. They seem to be fully backing Mace.
Mack's comment about how every movie has the robots turn against the humans makes me hopeful the writers are aware of how potentially shopworn this storyline is, and will do something to subvert that.
@AndrewCrossett Me too. Because I'm not keen on this, so far.
Southern Simmons is adorable.
"Twice on this planet"
Undercover Jemma FTW ! Ought to be a song. Punk Rock maybe ?
I think we're supposed to think Aida is up to something evil. Let's trust the writers a little more and see where they are taking this.
I will say its not quite as it seems...
What is his damn superpower?
NYTinPA, I was going to go with "bulletproof" but Parminder Nagra caved too soon for us to find out.
Guessing Coulson is on to Faux May and that's not the real Darkhold.
Its pretty clear that Nadeer thinks Inhumans are part of the 2012 alien invasion and haven't been here for millennia. Boy is she going to feel like an idiot.
It's not quite as it seems? Then someone else took Aida's consciousness, as the Darkhold took over hers. I'm going to guess that Fitz is Aida.
Saw that coming.
Is there a drinking game for all of the references Mac is dropping?
Did NOT see that coming.
Well this is a turn I'm not thrilled with either...

Just at the point where Aida was trying to get out the door and Fitz told her they took back control of the base, a freaking commercial break cut in. When it came back they had the book back, and Nadeer and her brother were getting on a plane. I missed literally the entire climax of the episode. What happened?
Well that part of the story ended fast. There was a lot of speculation on what character from the comics the brother would become.
Is there a definitive answer as to who the brother is supposed to be? Glad he's still going to be around, if only to look at on the screen.
Great episode tonight.Raised more questions than anything but still a good setup fr the second section of the season.
Andrew, Mack cut off Aida's head, with presumably his shotgun axe. Great moment and I'm sorry you missed it - where the heck are you watching?
Binghamton, NY.

But what was the deal with the senator's brother? Did the Watchdogs attack him or something? Did he show any powers?
I didn't have the problem AndrewC had, but the network here seemed to be in a rush to get to the commercials while the show was still running.
Damn good episode.
Yes. He had some super-speedy power of some kind, but different than Yoyo's. Then his sister shot him. Then he was at the bottom of the ocean, cocooning again. Maybe he's indestructible in that every time someone kills him, he morphs into something else.
He has/had Elena style speed without the bounce back when the Superior Watchdog called in a kill order.

He cacooned again at the ocean floor.

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They stuck in an entire full-length commercial break right over the climax of the episode. They couldn't have screwed it up worse if they'd planned it out.

The networks wonder why people don't watch broadcast TV anymore.
That's messed up, Andrew. Hopefully, you'll get a chance to watch it without the screw up soon.
I guess I'll have to set up an account on to watch it online. I believe ABC waits a whole week to put their new episodes On Demand.
Excited for the new arc, hate it that I can't watch it live anymore, as the combination of later time slot, plus two-way daylight savings, does make it hard to do so.

Gotta say, how I love the fact that we have Asians as featured heroes and villains on the show.
Disliked most of the episode (Mack and - to a lesser extent - Yo-Yo were annoying as hell), but loved the finish and the tag (that's what they're called, right?). Since I hated both Mack slaying Aida, and the senator murdering her brother, I welcome the twists associated with these acts.
Holy $#!+, I don't know how anyone could have NOT liked this episode! It had development (Nadeer comes off as ALMOST sympathetic, and that's a HELL of an achievement for such a scumwad character), action, some snappy jokes (I literally LOLed at least three or four times . . . notably "Yeah, well, only twice on this planet," and "Even Salvation?" "He brought this on himself."), people expanding their rolls by performing actions against type but still in character, and the plot is progressing nicely. I LOVED how they kept lampshading the plot with the robot movie references to deliberately obscure the twist at the end. And I love how the tone and focus has shifted, but the macguffin (the Darkhold) is sticking around to serve as a unifying thread for the season. Bravo!
I enjoyed most of it. Didn't really connect with the Nadeer/Veejay stuff though. I can understand it fine it just Not sure if it was just the script or actors or what.
Confess that my interest in the show has been waning a bit, but quite enjoyed this particular episode, right from the very beginning bit w/ Aida getting casually dressed while noticing the bullet holes she was peppered with.

The episode was chock full of twists I didn't see coming, and I did find Mack's ongoing litany of increasingly obscure Robot movie titles a fun little side note.

With a promise of a 3rd arc still to come here's hoping they maintain this pace, keep the twists coming, and wrap this season (show) on a high note
Great start to the new arc. So promising. I do want Aida to be sentient, though, if she hasn't been all along since reading the Darkhold (and just unable to break free of her creator's contral due to safeguards Radcliff hardwired into her programming). And I want her to be good and become a part of the team at some point (and have one team-up fight with Mike Peterson/Deathlok against whoever the common enemy is by season's end). Because the actor who plays her is fantastic, IMO. And smokin' hot.

But if she HAS to be evil ? (or maybe not evil, but SO self-preservationist that her continued existence is a danger to SHIELD and possibly humanity)? Then I want the reveal/twist from the comics and I want the show to absolutely OWN it. Hire that actor to do the voice and everything. DO IT, writers !

[ edited by Kris on 2017-01-12 05:09 ]
I was a little bothered by the touchstone for evil robots being 80s killer robot movies; I'd have thought that in that world you'd go to the actual killer robot Ultron rather than movie killer robots.
@aiusepsi: I also thought that was pretty ridiculous. Generally, "don't you know that this is what happens in movies?" is a completely ridiculous argument that no one should be taking seriously.

Yes, I know AoS is a comic book show, but that doesn't mean that it's good writing to have your characters act like they know they are in a comic book show, instead of talking like real people. It's actually really bad writing. AoS writing has always been at its weakest when the writers get a bit too in love with meta references and jokes to the point that they make their characters behave OOC or talk the way no real person would talk. This episode went overboard with it more than probably any other. Maybe it's just because the writer of this episode, Brent Fletcher, going by his list of writing credits on AoS, generally has a tendency to write exposition-heavy or on the nose dialogue, or make characters act OOC to get a forced pop culture reference in (e.g. he wrote the season 2 episode with the scene where Ward and Kara are basically being Pumpkin and Honeybunny in the diner in the opening scene of Pulp Fiction - which made sense for the latter two, since they were a couple of idiot wannabe robbers acting out and trying to be Bonnie and Clyde, but made zero sense for a couple of experienced spies who should be well versed in stealth, and Ward had certainly been portrayed as someone really good at it).

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