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January 13 2017

(SPOILER) Patton Oswalt(s) returning to Agents of SHIELD on Jan 31st. Both living Koenig brothers return with a 'family secret.'

Patton Oswalt also appeared at the end of the most recent Crazy Ex-Girlfriend episode.
This would probably wrap up of every thread from the previous years except Ian Quinn/Gravitron which I [ersonally suspect might have been a First Evil one off early on only to be the final Big Bad. I believe in the comics Gravitron was the first villain fought by The Avengers.
Is this secret's name "TV's Son of TV's Frank"?
Hooray. And hooray for the headline.
Oh $#!+ . . . !

Radcliffe originally said, Aida was based on an old SHIELD program that got shelved.

Tell me the Koenig brothers really are the original LMD program, just like people were speculating two years ago! If so, let's hear it for the writers just sitting on THAT one for that long, huh?

Total speculation, but seriously? They're bringing them back NOW, in the middle of the LMD arc? C'mon!
@Batman1016: I don't like the idea that all three of them were LMDs. I'm OK with the two surviving ones being LMDs, but I hope that Eric was an actual human. If he was an LMD, that would retroactively cheapen his death, which was a source of one of show's strongest dramatic moments (finding out your almost-boyfriend/teammate/mentor is a double agent is shocking, but it's all the more shocking when it's by finding a dead body of a person you were talking to 15 minutes before that got murdered by said almost-boyfriend/double agent) and was even referred to in season 3 when Daisy was talking about how she could never forget Ward and mentioned the fact that he murdered a person because of her, to stop him from outing him to her.

I already thought they cheapened his death to an extent when they brought back Patton Oswalt to play the exact same kind of character - it was like having your cake and eating it: they kill him off for effect, but then they bring him back to play the exact same characters who look and behave in the exact same way. But at least if they were all different humans who were triplets, you could still say that technically they were all different people, even when the show made them seem the same. Eric being a programmed android would really cheapen it much further.
Tony Stark mentioned LMD's in passing in The Avengers. Since he likely knows more about the project than anyone other than Radcliffe, it would be illogical for SHIELD not to bring in RDJ in a guest appearance as Tony Stark to help them deal with the problem.

Well, I can hope.
Dusk, just like in Joss' film, the first Avengers villain was Loki.
Also, Graviton's first appearance in the comics was in Avengers #158, published in 1977. So he's not even one of the Avengers' most important foes, even if he is potentially one of their more powerful ones. He's often sabotaged by his own self-doubt and lack of imagination, and his most impressive showings were against completely different characters altogether. #ComicsNerd
It does not matter to me what the story does or where it goes. What is important is that Patton is going to do it. I am happy for him, given what has happened to his family.
electricspacegirl, I watched that most recent ep of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend yesterday and Patton Oswalt was hilarious in it in that very last scene. I almost wish he'd become a part of the show, their oddball guest stars are so awesome (the dude who plays Trent as well).

I don't think making them LMDs necessarily cheapens their deaths depending on how LMDs are dealt with in this TV series adaptation. The fact that they are super-complex programs who've potentially been made to be unaware of the FACT that they're LMDs makes them kinda tragic. If Aida had turned out to actually have become sentient after reading the Darkhold (instead of being told to act that way by Radcliffe), if she'd genuinely been trying to prevent everyone from shutting her off so as not to "die", then you have the potential for a sypathetic character there, IMO (even if I'm aware that in real life, that's impossible for AI to "transcend" to).

And at the end of the day, Skye's shock and sorrow over Eric Koenig's death was still effective (and I presume still would be on re-watch). SHE didn't know that he was an android (and neither did he himself, presumably), if this turns out to be thr case.

Potential plot hole if he WAS an LMD -- was that base in Canada blown up by Ward, or was it intact by the time Skye and Ward left ? Because if not incinerated, SHIELD would've done an autopsy on Koenig's body and found machinery underneath the skin layer...unless portions of SHIELD (or Hydra) were in on this LMD thing from early on and would have kept Koenig's secret from Coulson, the rest of SHIELD, and the other Koenig brothers.

And yeah, now they just need to bring back Quinn, plus the doctor who fell into the Gravitonium, and throw in Deathlok/Mike Pederson for good measure before series' end, and there wouldn't be any more loose plot threads dangling.

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