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January 16 2017

After a two year absence, the Buffy Calendar is back! Universe Publishing will be bringing out a "20 Years of Slaying" calendar for 2018.

It's good that they specified that "The 2018 calendar features fan-favorite imagery from the beloved series and its successful Dark Horse comic book adaptation."

So they'll mix it-up. Curious how big is the market for these. It is after all new publisher picking-up the license for the calendars.
I'd get this if they manage a good balance across the TV and comics for all the main characters, but I think making it great would be a tough ask without using more than just a single still/standard mug shot pic per month. It isn't appearing in a UK search yet and I'm not going to pre-order it taking on high shipping costs from the US with no idea what it looks like. I'd rather pay more closer to the time.
There's a cover up now. It's the Buffy Season 4 cast.
Season 5, actually.
Oh Thank God, after 15ish years of ALWAYS A BUFFY CALENDAR ALWAYS i was lost and adrift when there wasn't one last year.
Season 5, actually.

Ah yes. I stand corrected :).

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