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January 17 2017

(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x10 "The Patriot". The episode was written by James C. Oliver and Sharla Oliver. It was directed by Kevin Tancharoen, which means high expectations for the action scenes.

Hi all.

Canada report:

He ditched his sunglasses!

The Mace story went a little predictable IMO.

Understandable but worrying reason why May isn't exactly easy to sedate.

I'm mad at someone on the team for being so bone-headed, it should be obvious who by the end.
I want to meet Tbot's Mom.
I get that SHIELD agents where those whatever you call them suits, but they do look a little funny when they're just standing, like at a press conference.
Aw. We'll miss you, Burrows.
I'm actually watching AoS live for the very first time.
So very cool!
I still think Mace is on the red, white, and blue pills although he may be inhuman as well. In any case we are about to find out I think.

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He didn't even get to say "I'm a leaf on the wind..."!
Oh god that guy is a tool.
What is Oprah doing calling Tbot?

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I was wondering how long it would take for Phil to ask about the suitcase Burrows had. Why would Mace even pretend they were looking for him for altruistic reasons?
Badass Gemma rises again!
Outed and shot in the ass at the same time.
Just say no.
Damnit the Hyde card and I missed it. Well played.
I gotta wonder, Gorilla Testerone in or out ?

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Mac in a suit is a super power. Just sayin'. (Even without his jacket.)
Shall I design a dragon?
No, Fitz! No!
It's just a scratch.
I'm thinking it's time for another May on May fight.
So yeah Fitz is a bonehead over the head.

L-May-D feels like Real May so she'd want to free her most likely.
I dunno. I have a feeling that LDMay will use her new found self actualization to find out what happened to the real May and it'll be an LDMay/RLMay vs Aida fight.
Some great reveals tonight.Mace's secret wasn't a big shock but I do like that at heart he's a good guy.

Love that Coulson is back in charge with Mace the face of Shield.

I'm now wondering if they will eventually go the comic book route and eventually have Daisy as director though.

The stuff with the LMD plot is getting creepy.Probably not a smart move by Fitz.

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May may not fight May this time. I hope not.
LDMay/RMay vs. Aida 2/Aida Head even? Aida Head is still loyal to Radcliffe after all and would probably repair herself if given the chance.
No Fitz that's a bad Fitz!
I do feel a little sorry for Aida-head.
I'm probably the only one that's on Fitz's side, aren't I? I mean, the problem with the first Aida wasn't that she was an android. It's that she was following whatshisfaces orders. So, user error, basically. And if anyone can make the LMDs work, it's Fitz. And I bet (It's LMD, right? Not LDM...? I get it the wrong way each time.) LMD-May makes Mack change his attitude about them. All I can say is thank god the wires May discovered in the cut didn't glow red. I'd have to flip a table or something and that's just messy.
I have a bad feeling that, in his efforts to protect Simmons via improving on these androids in hopes of having mechanical soldiers to take the hits and bullets on the battlefield and in missions...Fitz is actually contributing to what will kill Jemma this season or next and it's gonna be horrific and heartwrenching and guilt-inducing to the extreme. :(

On a lighter note ?

"Mac in a suit is a super power. Just sayin'. (Even without his jacket.)"

THIS. Damn he's a sexy beast, WHATEVER he's wearing, grrr. But it was cool to see him in a suit for the first time. :)

Luke Cage Netflix series shout-out with those exploding bullets that were aimed at taking down a powered individual (or so the ex-Hydra members thought or were told) ? Hammer tech "Judas bullets" that were used against Cage by Diamondback and company in the second half of Luke Cage -- that's what I think were shot at Mace and ended up in the podium he flung into the air (at first I thought something explosive had been rigged inside the podium, until one of the characters mentioned exploding bullets).

Hey, if ABC and Netflix ain't gonna make an effort to cross over their Marvel shows or at least have them acknowledge each other's existences, I'll make 'em happen in my head or interpret big potential connections like that as such.

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It will suck if Simmons is killed by Aida. She could, however, come back as an LMD, created by Fitz, who will devolve into a mad scientist.
I suspect that the May-Aida fight we see in the preview will actually be May LMD vs. Aida.

We may wind up with Fitz's Good Aida fighting Radcliffe's Bad Aida.

Radcliffe has the look of a guy who's soon going to be killed by his own creation... Aida didn't seem to be shrugging off the criticism he was so breezily giving her. John Hannah has series regular status this season, but of course that doesn't mean much in a Whedon show.

I guess we'll be seeing a lot less of Jason O'Mara now? There's a reason he's only been listed as a guest star. If he's only going to be the press conference face of SHIELD from now on, there's not much reason to have him around every week.

Now the question is, who's the Watchdogs' "Superior?" I don't think it's Blake.

Cool new arm things for Daisy. I guess we won't have any of this annoying broken bone stuff from now on.
I'm looking forward to the episode. And I recently found that the show seems to be a big hit in Canada. I looked at the ratings for the last couple of months and seems to be in the ten ten or fifteen depending on the week.
Rather excessive Apple product placement in this weeks episode I thought. They even made a point to go around the back of the monitors to get the Apple logo in for as long as possible.
AoS simply does not know how to quit Hydra, even after it's been dead for over 10 episodes. Awwww. That's love. They've even made up a term "squidheads" that's never been used before.

I don't blame them for trying desperately to connect their current Watchdogs baddies to Hydra by having them be former Hydra goons, since the Watchdogs are so goddamn boring they definitely need support. But (even though the show has always been all over the place with what Hydra's ideology and goals were supposed to be) with the season 3 retcon of what Hydra was supposed to be about, going from being in Hydra to working for the Watchdogs is pretty much a 180 degrees turn.
A lot of Hydra's people were probably just hired thugs, though. I doubt everyone got the secret society/college frat initiation ceremony the likes of what Malick and his bro and those dudes in the flashbacks went through with the Monolith that led to Maveth. Seems only the rich folks and the inner circle members got that (and were the most religiously nutso about worshipping the thing the still-living members would come to know as Hive).

I doubt if you told most people in the modern day to join Hydra in order to serve an ancient being who might some day come back and reward you or cast favour upon you JUST BECAUSE we the current believers say so but don't have any solid proof or reasons for you to trust us...oh nevermind, I just described the ridiculousness of faith in gods and myth and religion, so...yeah, I guess you COULD recruit a bunch of new Hydra members that way (but especially amoral mercenaries). I was just gonna say that throwing money at them would do it, why bother with the Hydra belief system ? But I suppose indoctrinating newbies would help increase the likelihood of them remaining LOYAL and brainwashed, whereas if money was the only incentive then they'd jump ship when better offers came along or give away your secrets if the world's governments put up cash rewards for tips on Hydra happenings.

And yeah, I couldn't help noting the show's reluctance to quit Hydra this week, either. It makes sense, though, that law enforcement and agencies like SHIELD wouldn't have managed to nab or kill ALL the remaining Hydra agents out there.

I'm not sure the films are completely done with Hydra -- after Cap 2, they were arguably no longer relevant, but Strucker was used in Age Of Ultron and Ant-Man featured a Hydra guy as well (didn't he get away? Pretty sure a major baddie from Ant-Man who was Hydra DID get away -- the one who was shown to have worked with Peggy Carter and Michael Douglas' character back in the '80s).

Between that dude and Red Skull (yeah, I'm still holding out hope that that was a teleportation onto another world in the first Cap film -- maybe Thanos' world -- not a vaporization), we may be in for a bit more headlining Hydra villains before the end of Phase 3.

Red Skull would bring everything full circle so nicely. He wasn't a great villain, but Hugo Weaving is excellent and maybe he could do something more with him in a second appearance.

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They should have hired Alan Tudyck to play that poor pilot...
I can just see the conversation about that."The pilot dies.
How? Let's put a big stick through him. Hasn't that been done before? Yeah but it's funny. The Browncoats will hate us." Jed, Mo & Kevin.

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