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January 17 2017

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD 4x11 Promo "Wake Up." Action on multiple fronts; SHIELD's image takes a hit again.

Eh, I'm calling it now, whole episode is a dream.
Real May wouldn't know Nadeer would want to bring down SHIELD so I doubt all of it would be a dream.
So good. I want this episode to be as good as this promo made it look. Tons of potential.

How do you think RealMay wakes up THIS time, after Aida and Radcliffe gave her more fitting dreams to keep her under ? Does LMD-May come back to Radcliffe's house, happen upon her, and try to wake her up ?
RealMay knows she captive there so that part could be her 'warrior-dream' to keep her under. LMayD still has an off switch so I don't know if Aida 2 would be forced into a real brawl with her.

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Oh yeah, I forgot that Aida can just turn off LMD-May remotely.

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