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January 18 2017

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel Season 11 #1. Angel is back and so is Fred (and Illyria).

Issue 1, and it was kinda disappointing.
I agree. I didn't feel like it really went anywhere. I hope it is setting up something exciting.
I enjoyed it. It was very refreshing and a fun read. Not bad for a first issue.
As someone, who stopped reading the comics ages ago (after B8, to be precise), I wonder why this is called "Angel Season 11"? They can't possibly be this far already. Is it, because they market it together with "Buffy" and use the latter's (higher) number?
The Angel & Faith comics have been considered part of the overall season 9 and 10 comics... this is a continuation of that, but without Faith because this season is going to be a personal journey for Angel. So it's considered part of season 11. Yes, it is awkward.

This was a setup episode by necessity. I thought it was an OK issue, though the whole idea of Illyria being able to time-travel is going to set up a million "Then why didn't she...?" fan questions.
Got my copy of Angel Season 11 # 1,"Part I of "Out of The Past" yesterday.

I'll admit I wasn't as excited for this season of Angel for various reasons.But I would give it a shot.

This is basically setup for the season.The artwork is different but I always adjust well to new artists.

I think the writer needs to get the voices a little more but since this is just issue 1,I think that will come.

As for the plot and setup for the season.The basic gist of the season is not really interesting me(one of those various reasons as for why I'm not as interested in another season of Angel).I'll admit I would rather see Angel and his cast deal with the new world order playing out in Buffy Season 11.

But I'll give the season a chance even if the basic direction of the season does not really excite me.

I thought the issue itself was fine with room for improvement.

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