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April 14 2004

Saying Goodbye to both 'Wonderfalls' and 'Angel' Commentary on their respective cancellations, "Maybe some series are just too good for this TV world we live in"

I liked some of this article but what I didn't like was the implication that Joss isn't as great as he used to be and the fact that she made it sound like Angel had far fewer fans than BtVS did. Yes, Angel's numbers weren't as large but they weren't that far behind. She also made it sound like Angel didn't do so well this year even after the changes and the addition to Spike to the cast and "it wasn't enough" to bring in the Buffy fans. I know people who loved Angel but didn't particularly like BtVS and vice versa. Angel had it's own fans as well and it's numbers were it's best ever. So there really isn't a reason for why Angel is getting cancelled. Joss is still brilliant and Angel still has it's loyal followers and even gained more followers this season.
What I didn't like about this article was the author's assertion that The Practice's creative makeover succeeded while Angel's failed. This year has been a creative triumph for "Angel", despite its cancellation. I firmly believe that this season will prove to be Angel's best.
I think she meant in terms of viewership, not quality (which still would be off).
man... so its off the air for good on English TV. I hope we can get it out on DVD. Btw, i read all 9 episode scripts....they get SOO much better
Im wondering if this idiot even watched the show. doesnt sound like it

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