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January 18 2017

Screen Rant suggests several Whedonesque actors who could play Bruce Wayne/Batman on CW. Five out of 15, if we count major cast members, and 2 more who guest starred on Whedonesque shows. Though the article admits that one of them would make a great Bruce Wayne, but a terrible Batman.

David Boreanaz does fit the role pretty well.
I think Brett Dalton (if you're going for a Bruce Wayne who's Oliver Queen's age) and David Boreanaz (if you're going for an older Bruce, Batfleck style) are the best suggestions on that list.

Whoever plays Bruce should be at least as physically imposing as Stephen Ammel, in addition to good looks and presence. Enver Gjokaj is a great actor, but lacks the physicality. Tahmoh Penikett has the physicality, but nothing I've seen of him in Dollhouse or BSG convinces me he has the required presence. Nathan Fillion doesn't even seem to be a serious suggestion, as even they admit he could play Bruce but would be a terrible Batman. (I agree.)

Anson Mount is an interesting suggestion. But it seems he and Eion Bailey are so high on the list mainly because they were earlier in talks to play Batman and almost got cast.

I love Aidan Turner, but I just can't imagine him as Wayne or Batman. I don't like Wes Bentley or Sam Witwer for it. I wasn't mad about Smallville and I haven't seen Welling in anyone else. The rest are mostly actors I'm not really familiar with, including the guy from Orphan Black. (Still haven't seen it.)

Of course, this is just one of the many fancasting articles in online media so it doesn't mean a thing, but IIRC Tyler Hoechlin was on all or most of similar lists when it was speculated who would play Superman on Supergirl, and they got that right, since he got the role.

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I like Boreanaz too. I think he was associated with the role back in the day from what I recall.
@Simon: They mention it in the article that he was considered for the role at the time of Batman Begins, though they call it as "rumor" and say that it's not clear how far these discussions went. The actor they put on the #2 spot, Anson Mount, was apparently also in discussions to play Batman before Ben Affleck was cast, and they explain that Eion Bailey, who is on the #1 spot, was one of the main candidates for the role in Batman Begins before Christian Bale got cast, and link to his screentest on YT.

BTW, rewatching season 1 of Dollhouse recently, I was surprised to realize that Mount was a guest star in episode 4. I was thinking "This guy is hot and looks vaguely familiar, who is he?" but I couldn't recognize him until I checked IMDB. He looked very different without the beard and long hair he has on Hell on Wheels. I was equally surprised to realize during one of my Buffy rewatches that Bailey, aka August from Once Upon a Time, was one of the bullying hyena teens in "The Pack".
I vaguely recall Boreanaz saying that he like many other Hollywood actors auditioned for the role.
Boreanaz is the only one on the list that I think would come close to the role. Of course, I pounded my head on the desk when I heard about Michael Keaton, too, and he did a very good job.
Not gonna speak to the prospect of who to pick for a young Bruce Wayne/Batman (I'm sure there are dozens of great actors to choose from quite apart from this list.) But if they do decide to feature an older, wiser Bruce Wayne at some point (imo a far more likely prospect in the Arrowverse given that Oliver Queen/The Arrow aka Stephen Amell already fills the dashingly youthful crusader role to a tee) I'd say there is only one clear logical choice.

There might even be some precedent for it, given the role a certain Hamill has played in-universe so far.

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I like the idea of Tahmoh Penikett. Helo was one of my favorite characters in BSG, and he certainly has the height/physicality/screen presence required, while not being quite as familiar a face as some of the others. I see him more as Batman than as Bruce Wayne, but I'd be curious to see what he'd do with the role.
I rewatched the second half of Serenity the other day because it was on TV, and I'd forgotten how dark Mal goes in that film. And Nathan did a very strong job with that type of dark intensity, which makes me think in the right circumstances he could pull off the role of Batman.
@rg253: Nathan can play dark (he did play Caleb very convincingly and scarily, after all), but to play Batman, he'd have to get in a much better shape than he's in now.
Back in the day I always wanted David Boreanaz as Superman. But that ship has sailed. Nathan I always saw as more of a Captain America type. (Even though he's Canadian!) Though I could have bought him as Hal Jordan too.

Would be hard to cast Wayne in the Arrowverse. We're accustomed to Batman having a air of gravitas that usually only older actors can provide. But the respective ages of Amell and co, seem to suggest they'd want him younger. (Which would give me bad flashbacks of Batman Forever!)

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@Jas: If age = gravitas and vice versa (which I don't agree with, but never mind), I don't see how you could be accustomed to Batman having an air of gravitas on screen, since he's never been played by older actors. Except maybe Ben Affleck, if early 40s qualifies as "older" (the emphasis on Batfleck's "old age" in BvS strikes me as rather exaggerated, especially when you consider the average age of leading men in Hollywood, or the fact that RDJ is now over 50, Marc Ruffalo will be 50this year, and Jeremy Renner is older than Affleck, too). Other than Affleck, every Batman actor has been under 40, and most of them were in their early to mid 30s.

I'm also not sure why a younger actor in the role of Batman should give you bad flashbacks of Batman Forever. If anything, it should give you flashbacks of Batman Begins, since Christian Bale was 30 when he made it, 4 or 5 years younger than Kilmer was when he played Batman. (Bale is the second youngest live action Batman ever, after Lewis G. Wilson, the first actor to ever play Batman, who was 23.) Or The Dark Knight - he was 33 when he was shooting that one. I don't remember it being considered a disaster...

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