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January 19 2017

Happy birthday Buffy Summers! They say she saved the world. A lot.

She is now 36 years old.

It's Dolly Parton's birthday today as well which is rather apt seeing as she co-owns Sandollar Television.
Well, according to the comics, she's still in her 20s.
Could she save it again tomorrow? Please?!
I second Shep's request...
Thirded. We need a real Buffy.

I can't help but think that if he scrapped all his plans at the ceremony and turned into a giant snake instead, he'd do less damage.
*puts on nerd hat*
Aren't the comics sit only a few years after the show? Like Season 8 is a year after 7, and so on?
I wonder what Buffy would do? I mean, specifically, if she heard Joss' recent comments online. Would she tell him to "stay classy?" I think she might. For all her faults, Buffy was a pretty classy character in the end. Joyce would be proud of the great rolemodel she became.
@Grack21: Yes and no. They make contemporary references, like Daniel Craig in Casino Royale in season 8 or the Hemsworth brothers in season 10, but at the same time we're supposed to think it's only been about two to three years since the finale of AtS. Writers and editors have made it clear in interviews that we're just supposed to roll with it and that comic book time runs differently.
...we're just supposed to roll with it and
that comic book time runs differently.

Well, after all, we do appear to be living
in a Hell dimension as of noon tomorrow.
Yes: Happy Birthday, Buffy. We could sure use your skills to save the world a lot, again!

RobynH: Yes: Hell Dimension.

Gr Argh!

Also happy birthday Dolly!
I go the David Fury route and don't consider the comics canon.
Sarah, wishing you a Happy Birthday. We miss you!

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