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"I was able to examine the body while police were taking witness arias."
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January 22 2017

Playing dead: my part as a corpse that came back to haunt me. A beautifully written and touching true story from the great Olivia Williams.

What's nice about this story is it really captures the glamour of being an actor.
A few years ago, I worked as a head usher in a local professional theater. It is a small venue, so some of the actors' entrances and exits came through the main door of the lobby. One of the productions was a version of MacBeth, set in the Viet Nam war era, at a VA hospital, with various characters being either patients or nurses. Banquo was shown wrapped in bandages from head to foot. At the end of his ghost scene, he would stagger out the door to the lobby, where I sat in my capacity of head usher, to deal with late-comers and count tickets. I would watch him go and avoid catching his eye because I didn't want to crack up at the sight of the Mummy walking past, and cause him to break character. (He told me at the closing party that he could see me struggling to keep a straight face).
But the real kicker was watching the bloodied corpse of Duncan being wheeled out on a stretcher, then sitting up and getting off the stretcher. Every time this happened, I would shake my head and mutter to myself, "Saw this scene on Buffy the Vampire Slayer."
Absorbing story, absorbingly written.

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