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April 15 2004

'Angel' vampire draws blood from loyal fans. Japan coverage of the Save Angel efforts.

Interesting how there's even a mention of the campaigns in Asia. Does Japan get Angel? I know some parts of Asia get Buffy but I haven't heard about Angel's reach there.
I know Australia recieved Angel, about Asia, I havn't really a clue.
The article mentions that the Japanese FOX station is currently rerunning season three.
LOL Obviously I missed that part. :-) I'm now wondering about Angel's popularity there.
Don't know about Japan, or even specifically Angel.
I know a few years ago when when I went back to Taiwan to visit my grandparents, I tried to check Buffy status over there.
As fas as it was concerned, wasn't a big thing, and they were even pretty slow. I think we were already halfway through S5, and they were still on S3 of BtVS.
Star World channel shows both BTVS and Angel.It's one of the asian channels in India, HonCong and some others.

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