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January 25 2017

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 11 #3. Things get political in "A House Divided".

I have to say I enjoyed it. I'm really liking the pace this season is giving in terms of how much each issue tries to cover. I was very pleased that they touched on several perspectives and really started to explore the alternate points of view that are in play. I appreciated small mentions such as Dowling, that just adds that little bit more depth that should be there in an existing and well established setting, even if the cast focus is tighter this season. It does seem likely the focus will very predominantly go on the safe zone trio of Buffy/Spike/Willow from here. I will keep my fingers crossed that Buffy/Spike see it through this season together, it is lovely seeing them strong as a unit and losing the focus on romance angst.
These three issues so far of Season 11 have been awesome IMHO. The pace has been frantic, but Christos Gage has found a way to not marginalize any of the main characters as this story unfolds. None of the characters feel short changed or altered from their core personalities in the accelerated story. The plot scale is as big as Season 8 was (maybe larger in a realism scale), but it all still feels like the TV show to me.

I have loved all of Rebekah Isaacs' previous Buffyverse work, but I feel she has found a way to top herself with the art so far in this season, especially during the fight sequence pages of this issue (Buffy's fury just screams through the pages).

Having to be patient for Issue #4 will be difficult.
I got my copy of Buffy # 3 ,"A House Divided" yesterday.

I liked the issue.I'm very interested in the overall storyline of this season.Putting aside what's going on in the country{U.S) and world now is how I'm approaching the season.And on it's own,the story does have me hooked in.

So keeping this brief,I liked the issue.

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