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January 26 2017

TV's 8 most moving reunions, guaranteed to make you cry. Well maybe cry. Your mileage may vary.

"Arguably in the top three most powerful Buffy/Angel episodes ever..."

"Arguably" is the operative word here. It wouldn't even be in my top 30. In fact, U can think of at least two or three more powerful just in Angel season 1.

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I won't lie,this is my favorite episode of Angel and one of my favorites of the whole verse.I acknowledge that my shipper preference is fully on my sleeve here and IMO,for me,it's one of the most powerful.

With that said,I will also acknowledge there are more powerful episodes.

I actually think "The Body" is the most powerful episode of the whole verse.I also put "Becoming"(I consider both parts as a whole),"The Gift" ",A Hole in the World" and " "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been" in top spots for me as well.

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