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January 26 2017

The five greatest all-singing episodes ever. A list from the Guardian. Of course Once More With Feeling is in there.

Good to see Xena getting some recognition, too.
I only remember that Lucy Lawless is an awesome singer, and the "Joxer the Mighty" song from Xena. It wasn't a bad episode as such things go, but it wasn't "Once More With Feeling," either.

"The Nightman Cometh" was pretty funny. Still, OMWF would be in my #1 spot.
The "Joxer the Mighty" song wasn't from that episode. "The Bitter Suite" was a fully scored and staged musical, like OMWF (but earlier... Joss got the idea from it).

I would say I consider Bitter Suite and OMWF about equal. If OMWF gets a slight edge it's because all the actors did their own singing, while a couple of the Xena actors were dubbed.
BtVS and X:WP are the only shows I'm familiar with from here (and the only bad example I recall is HIMYM) but I think it's a good list.

I do recall lots of crappy ones (Joss himself mentioned Chicago Hope doing one) but it does come together sometimes. Compared to "OMWF" and Bitter Suite," the musical ep. for *Big Brother Jake* is "muffin much." But compared to other ep.s of that show, it's one of the most memorable.
I always liked Scrubs' musical ep. Scrubs was so whimsical and off-the-wall to begin with, though, it fit right in. Some day, I'm gonna have to finish that series. Never made it past Season 4 or 5.

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