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January 27 2017

Seth Green guest stars on "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend." The episode airs tonight on the CW.

I love this show. joss mentioned it in an interview, I'm 17 eps in and just love it.
This is one of my favorite shows! I don't know how it can top last week's episode, that was truly delightful. It will be cool to see a Whedon alum show up. I saw Felicia Day tweeting to Rachel Bloom about the show, so now I want her to be cast in a singing role.

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Seth Green has worked with Rachel Bloom before. Go onto youtube and search for "Jazz Fever" for another cameo he did with her.
Rachel Bloom actually worked for Seth Green as a staff writer (and voice actor) for "Robot Chicken," hence his appearances in "Jazz Fever" and this show.

"Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" is awesome, by the way. It's definitely the best show on TV right now. And Seth Green was great in this episode -- very laconic, like Oz. In fact, if you want to see him as part of the music video portion, here is the link:
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is crushing it right now. Rachel Bloom's EMMY win the other year was totally deserved.

Also, the character development and story progression fires on all cylinders. The emphasis on female friendship and self-inventory doesn't hurt either.
Rachel Bloom didn't win an Emmy, but she did win a Golden Globe.
Best show on network TV. Not only because it's expertly written, beautifully acted, and masterfully scored,'s kinda groundbreaking (I see some fans online who watch it and are more into the shipping side of it, or at least used to be, but they're totally missing the point...but hey, at least they're watching).

Great dramedy (with two to three musical number per 1-hr episode...but usually only two).

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