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January 27 2017

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD 4x12 Sneak Peek 2 "Hot Potato Soup.". Things about fan-fic that I did not need to know.

A third clip as well at:
Well, with all these superheroes around, it's not surprising if there's a lot of Real Person Shipping going. I wonder which are other popular RPS pairings in-universe? Do they know about Ghost Rider? Is Stucky and Capwidow also a big thing? Do people argue online who Steve or Natasha should be with and hate on rival ships?
Hah, I like that Koenig (and by extension the writers) acknowledged fanfic, slash-fic, and slash art. Some of it is awesome. All the same sex pairings we're never gonna get of the main characters in any official material, realized by passionate and horny fanboy and fangirl artists online.

Versus the rare underdeveloped Marvel superhero like Northstar or Richter/Shatterstar, or Joey on AoS and Jeri Hogarth/whoever on Jessica Jones...c'mon, across 14 films and 5 shows ? That's paltry, in terms of inclusion and representation. Damn right, there better be slash fiction available as a consolation prize.

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