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January 28 2017

Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood won't be returnng to Agents of SHIELD anytime soon. EW briefly talked to the producers who confirmed Bobbie & Hunter won't be back in the near future (spoilers for other US shows in this article).

The characters were written off the show last season so they could be spun off into their own series,"Marvel's Most Wanted."A pilot was shot but ABC passed on the project.

Well, I'm OK with this. Which may be largely because Bobbi and Hunter weren't among my top favorite characters. They were fun, but even with a smaller cast, the show has trouble finding enough screentime to focus on all the main characters.
They were only supposed to be there for a year so I feel we got lucky to have them for that extra half a season. Still, the occasional drop-by would be nice.
I still think they should be regulars. The first half of the second season was SHIELD at its best and they contributed a lot to that.
That would mean no Gabriel Luna, Jason O'Mara, John Hannah, or Mallory Jensen this season as regulars. It's sort of necessary. :(
I'm kinda ok with it, even though I like them both a lot. I feel like the show now is the best it's been. Would love for them to need help and call the gang in for an episode or two though.
I'd still like to see a spin-off. Although, what was described from the stories previously, kinda sounded terrible.
This makes me sad they were my favourite characters they had the most charisma of the cast imo and were fun to watch amongst all the drama.

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