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January 30 2017

Felicia Day has a baby girl. She tweeted it today.

"Calliope Maeve has hit the world. Currently wearing a onesie that says "Bard in Training." #LessThanThree "


Little feet! Congrats to her.
I hope the mobile in the baby's crib is big polyhedral dice.
Awww, sweet - congratulations!
I read "Calliope Maeve" I say "Captain Marvel"
Is the Calliope for Amber Benson's character Calliope Reaper-Jones ?
Fantastic News!
You can deliver a baby by tweet now, truly outstanding.
I always said the Internet would solve all my worries.
am i the only fd fan befuddled why she doesn't acknowledge CM's father? um, nor mention him in the book?
# weird on the internet
Felicia's first miracle, Virgin Birth.
Looks like she's on the Sainthood Fasttrack.
She will not mention her partner because she has so often been doxxed that she refuses to share her private life. The baby, I would guess, is hard to hide... (and yet she managed to keep her pregnancy hidden until just recently). She spoke about this in her book. But I am so happy for her.
Oh congrats you lucky one! Your little girl is beautiful! Wishing you and family the best!

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