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January 31 2017

The Batman: Nine directors who could replace Ben Affleck. IGN has Joss as one of their choices, he'd be a safe pair of hands plus Joss has pitched for a Batman movie way back in the day. They also suggest Drew Goddard as well, him getting the gig would make up for never seeing his Sinister Six movie.

While a Joss-helmed Batman movie sounds amazing on paper, I'm really not that excited about him stepping into this particular situation (nor do I expect him to). The DCMU is a mess right now and Joss seems worn out on blockbusters for the time being anyway.

However, if he had free rein then it would be a different story. Maybe the producers would actually like to hit a reset button at this point given how critically-panned their films have been thus far.

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Yeah, I don't trust the WB producers to not muck up a good thing. I don't want Joss anywhere near them.

And honestly, my dream would be a Gareth Evans Batman. A Fincher one might be nice too because he's likely to focus on the detective aspects. Matt Reeves and Cary Fukunaga are interesting choices too. Fuqua would be terrible. Magnificent Seven was an absolute mess.
Really hope DC/Warner Brothers doesn't hit the reset button on their fledgling film universe any time soon. I liked Man Of Steel just fine (didn't like Amy Adams for Lois Lane in that first film and still feel like she's not the best fit for Lois, but she won me over more in Superman vs. Batman, especially in the extended cut where she had a hell of a lot more material). I kinda loved B vs. S when I saw it in theatres, to be honest. I see the flaws, but I like it regardless (and some flaws aren't the monstrosities that the film's loudest detractors made them out to be).

Suicide Squad is the big black mark on the DCEU. Pains me to say it too, because they made it here in Toronto where I live and it provided some pretty huge bragging rights...until it was released (also, I worked as an extra on it and although I know I'm gonna work on badly written shows and films from time to time [plus I know that I'm not responsible for anything more than believable reactions shots and refraining from looking into the lens], I wanna be proud of the stuff I work on).

Hope Joss does his own thing and only spends time on non-Mutant Enemy franchise stuff if he needs to make some dough to further fund his own creative pursuits and is passionate about whichever universe he's contributing to.

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I watched the first 30 minutes of Suicide Squad the other night. I gave up after realising there was another two hours to go.

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