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January 31 2017

Casting suggestions for the 13th Doctor who aren't straight, white men. Nice to see a couple of Whedonverse alumni on the list.

Surely 14th? Whoever the fans want, the BBC will pick someone cheap, attractive ,relatively unknown, and young to boost the toys sales.
Actually, those are four reasons that shouldn't determine who's the next Doctor. If it's time for a woman, why not Gillian Anderson, which will lead David Duchovny to tweet, "Told you so, Scully"
Unfortunately those four reasons seem to be what's driving the BBC's decision. The Beeb wants the David Tennant effect to boost revenue. I think I saw it in Private Eye, who usually get things like that right.
I think Chiwetel Ejiofor would make an outstanding Doctor. Don't know if he'd be willing to commit to a TV show, though.
@impalergeneral: Because they may decide to cast a woman as the Doctor, but they certainly won't cast an American.
Gillan lives in London, actually, and she's been in a few BBC shows. It's a longshot.
Jenna Coleman. It would make sense in universe (as far as anything makes sense in that universe).
It's high time we saw a female Doctor and I hope they take the opportunity to go that way.

I'd love to see what Olivia Williams could do with it. As good a Doctor as Gillian Anderson might make I don't think you can cast an American in such an iconic role.
Saw someone on Twitter suggest Hayley Atwell - young, attractive, English, and a genre favorite. Seems like a perfect match.
IMO, Olivia Williams is just perfect for the role.
Matt Smith has shown us that young and attractive doesnt work. Capaldi has shown us that older and grumpy works excellently but is something the people dont want. So its gonna be interesting how the BBC will proceed from here. I agree though, if they have to make it a woman, Hayley Atwell would be great.
They're a little behind-times. The Doctor is no longer the lone survivor of Gallifrey.

"Gallifrey falls no more."
cheap, attractive ,relatively unknown, and young

But Simon, the last doctor was none of those things.
That's why the sales of the toys plummeted from what I read. The merchandising needs a shot in the arm. And as good as Capaldi was and he was very good indeed, the money men will look at what sells toys to little kids.
If they're looking for a bit younger to middle-aged:
Gillian Anderson
Jemima Rooper
Hannah Spearitt
Lucy Brown
Laila Rouass

In a somewhat older range, I'd vote for Caroline Munro or Jenny Agutter.

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