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January 31 2017

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD 4x13 Promo "BOOM." A desperate search and deadly face-off.

Maybe Radcliffe's "you weren't built to last" comment and this next episode's title means that there's a bomb inside LMD-May ? Too obvious ? Would have to be a last resort inclusion, on Radcliffe's part, since he seems to prefer not killing anyone unless he deems it necessary. So it must be that she can be detonated remotely, not that she's just gonna automatically blow up when she dies ("dies" ?). Otherwise he'd risk killing people he gives a damn about, like Fitz.
Oh god, isn't that just my favorite thing to see on the show: men heroically going off to save their womenfolk, who get referred in the conversation as "something" that is so precious to the guy. And more specifically, the women in Coulson's life getting fridged or damseled so he gets to enact all the old and tired masculine heroic tropes. I had almost forgotten that this has to happen at least once a season.
"Faith go Boom!"

Sorry, couldn't resist!

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