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February 02 2017

SciFiNow's top twelve LGBTQ+ TV genre icons that inspire and entertain us. Willow makes the list as does Felica Day's character in Supernatural.

Sanvers (Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer) has been a spectacularly good development on Supergirl, with acting so fearlessly excellent it's scary. Props to Chyler Leigh in particular. I appreciate the other entries, and of course have long loved Willow and Tara, but I am surprised by the absence of Wayhaught from Wynonna Earp. The relationship between Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught was also played very well, and exploded certain tropes. It has brought increased interest to both Dominique Provost-Chalkley and Kat Barrell, both of whom have very active twitter sites. Bulletproof vest... he he...

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Yes, on the Cosima from Orphan Black and Lafayette from True Blood fronts...even though True Blood had a limp ending -- most of its final season was, really -- that can't take away from how awesome and unique a ton of its characters were. Lafayette wasn't the only quality character representing, either -- there were TONS of gay, bisexual, pansexual, you-name-it characters (and I don't even know what kind of sexuality you'd label Sam Merlotte and some of his fellow shifters as, given that you KNOW they got up to some fun while transformed -- Sookie/Anna Paquin's dumb but loveable [usually] brother Jason even called out that situation/dilemma(?) when speaking to and grossing out Sherrif Andy at one point, early on).

I've seen some of ABC/Netflix's Shadowhunters, only the first three or four eps, yeah...but um...anyway, I wasn't sure whether they would broach the subject of Alec's sexuality any time soon (Magnus wears his bisexuality on his sleeve) the way they went for it in the failed Mortal Instruments: City of Bones film when Kevin Zegers was playing the role (the only reason I'm sad there was no follow up to that one). Happy to hear that he came out in Season 1 and that they didn't draw it out or ignore that aspect of the character.

Damn it, I don't wanna get into Supergirl, but they have Maggie Sawyer on it ? I love that character. Nooo ! I can't. I don't have time to catch up on Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. No. The line has to be drawn somewhere. Superhero material already takes up enough time slots of my life.
Kris, there is a 44-minute youtube clip that collects all the Sanvers scenes (e1-e8) from Supergirl, and it so well worth watching. While the Maggie Sawyer of the show looks different from the Maggie Sawyer of the comics, Floriana Lima simply owns the role- she is fearless, direct and highly skilled. And she discusses her love of women in one of the very first scenes where she and Alex are together during a case. I hate to do this to you, but watch. It'll be worth it. The entire arc is brave, fearless and incredibly moving.
Great list, but I was surprised they missed Clarke from The 100. I love Lafayette! Nelsan Ellis is a treasure.

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