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February 02 2017

Emma Caulfield has joined Fear the Walking Dead. She'll recur in the upcoming third season.

The entire cast of Buffy could be on the show and I still wouldn't tune in again. I finally gave up about two episodes before the season 2 finale. It is a terrible show and I don't know why I stuck it for so long. Saying that, I'm glad Emma is getting these high-profile gigs as she is a very underrated actress.
I gave up on the show, too. I wish someone would cast her in a good show.
The first season was rather patchy but I enjoyed the second more and more as it progressed. Once they solidify the Walkers as a threat instead of just being sick, the series ramps up; and as with any show it's a lot easier to enjoy the characters once they begin to gel as a family.
Well, she is a giant fan of the show, so I'm sure she's happy about it.
As much as it's one big unnecessary milkjob of the Walking Dead brand, I couldn't help enjoying much of Fear The Walking Dead. Sure, Season 1 was...mediocre, for the most part (even if I do like a few of the actors a lot and came to care about some of the characters by season's end -- it was moreso Season 2 that did that, though)...but I enjoyed seeing the part of the zombie apocalypse that we missed while Rick was in his coma over on the main series. And I felt like Season 2 was quite a step up, despite some missteps like the first half of season 2 ending at that insane woman's vineyard, or Daniel supposedly dying offscreen during the fire at said compound, which is totally lame (still don't buy that he's gone, not until I see a body), or some of Nick's ridiculous antics, even though at other times I find him interesting to watch. My patience for addicts as characters wore thin a long time ago, though...just not very interested in their struggles after I've watched SO many films and shows with them as leads or major supporting characters. This is a little bit coloured by the fact that I'm friends with a few too, though, and wanna get away from the sadness of it and my inability to help them when I'm trying to watch TV for a degree of escapism. At least Nick seems to be beating his demons (if not more by necessity than choice).

I loved the stuff on the boat, loved much of the material at the hotel, and I love Madison as the lead (predisposed to like that actress after she was awesome as Joanie Stubbs on Deadwood). Love Strand and a few of the others.

I always wondered what was going on in other parts of the world in this universe, but sure, I'll settle for the other side of the United States (which might as well be a world away from Georgia and Virginia).

Looking forward to seeing Emma on TV regularly again.

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First, I'm tickle pink to hear Emma is on a TV series again!
Gosh, she's wonderful!

Not so much it's FTWD. Kinda' torn here. Wishing her the best! Hoping this leads to other opportunities. Again, Emma is just a talent you shouldn't wasted, she's golden!
She's going to be pretty dour in this. I prefer snarky funny Emma.

Still gonna watch it though. I loves me some zombies.
Oh great. Now Im gonnq have to watch all those episodes on my dvr. I stopped watching after the beginning of the 2nd half of season 1. I think that was season 1. On the boat.
A reason to keep watching.
I was making excuses (needs to get its footing) during season 1 and was pretty hopeful when the stories on the boat (Season 2A) started. The problem was, that some of the guest stars and recurring characters were more interesting and likeable than the regulars. The show had the tendency to kill off characters that showed promise.

The second half of the second season didn't resonate with me. At that point, most of the characters were not interesting enough to have episodes with only some of the characters involved. :/
I'm very excited for season 3. Especially after what Travis and Alicia did in the finale. Killing off a certain character made the consequences for those 2 so much more interesting. I think the two of them would make a great team especially since Madison seems to be so Nick focused. Though, I honestly would prefer Alicia to go off on her own.

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