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February 03 2017

Alan Tudyk's new show 'Powerless' aired yesterday. Alan plays Bruce Wayne's cousin Van Wayne.

Any good? I'm looking for something to fill The Good Place void.
Haven't watched it yet, but will be doing so later tonight. Will report back what I find...
The premise is interesting but the pilot was very standard and it felt disjointed and rushed.

Certainly not as good as The Good Place.
It was very funny. Alan played a clueless and venal company president, Bruce Wayne's brother. Vanessa Hudgens was very appealing as the bright and sunny never-allow-defeat new hire. There were a few laugh-out-loud moments related to silly superhero names. I am not a fan of half-hour sitcoms but this was enjoyable, if lightweight. I liked it.
I'm not into sitcoms either.Atleast modern ones but I can't resist a comic book based series.I thought the premiere was fun although I would love to see the original pilot to compare.
@Dane5140 - Wait... Bruce Wayne has a brother?
Van is Bruce Waynes's cousin,not brother.And he is from the comics.

"Van Wayne

First appearance
Batman vol. 1, #148 (June, 1962) (June 1962)

Created by
Bill Finger and Sheldon Moldoff

Vanderveer Wayne is the spoiled and rich cousin of Bruce Wayne. During his visit to his cousin, Van got himself into some trouble when he hired a con-artist to impersonate Batman while he posed as Robin. He did all this with the intention of impressing Dick Grayson, but Van was not aware that they were in fact the real Dynamic Duo. Van had to be rescued by Batman and Robin and in the aftermath of the situation, he learned a humility lesson.

The character, created by Bill Finger and Sheldon Moldoff, first appeared in Batman vol. 1, #148 (June, 1962)."
Yes, cousin, not brother, sorry. But Alan plays him as cluelessly inept and venal. He is just simply funny as all get out.
Just finished it. I was amused. Can't say I'm totally in love with it (yet), but I'd say it definitely has potential.
Just watched it. It was enjoyable and quite funny, nothing really special yet but I agree it has potential. And Danny Pudi, as well as Alan.
It has potential, but Vanessa Hudgins overacted, and the story was a cookie cutter formula.

Alan Tudyk made up for the pilot's shortcomings.
I watched it and yes Vanessa was a bit cartoonish and twee in the role but I will tune in again. It was fun and frothy.
It was Meh. Just Meh.
It does not really compare to The Good Place... the jokes and acting styles are far broader. It does a decent job of spoofing a fictional universe that includes superheros and there are some good sight gags (Retcon Insurance, e.g.).

I have doubts that it will be able to sustain things without repeating itself, but it is good to see Alan appearing to have some fun with the material.
Polygon said the Comic Con version was much better. I wish I could see it.

"There’s the one that most saw last night; a cornucopia of bad acting and dialogue, wrapped in a blanket of insecurity and forced fan pandering. Then there’s the version NBC played for a few hundred people who gathered in one of the halls at San Diego Comic-Con for the network’s preview night. Unlike the episode that aired last night, this version of Powerless was undeniably cute."

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