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February 08 2017

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD 4x14 Promo "The Man Behind the Shield." Kill Phil?

They really should stop trying to make it all about Coulson. My personal feelings aside (I find him to be one of the show's least interesting characters), it doesn't make sense and makes 'the Superior' look pretty stupid. There is no rational reason for him to think Coulson is somehow behind everything (even if he's terribly misinformed, it's not like Coulson could possibly have anything to do with what the Kree did thousands of years ago), or that killing him would somehow destroy Inhumans, or whatever.

The last time the arc/bad guy being focused on Coulson really made sense was season 1, when his resurrection was really a central plot point and Garrett had a strong and rational reason to be interested in it.

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