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February 09 2017

James Marsters will be be appearing in Marvel's Runaways. He'll be playing Victor Stein, one of the Pride.

Fantastic news! I've been waiting for someone to do this book justice. I think Marsters is a good match. This is one of my favorite comics of all time, so I may have to pony up for Hulu.
Awesome! Looking forward to this series as I love the books. Too bad they could never get Chris Evans to cameo.

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If they can do well done adaptation of that first volume this is going to be fantastic.

Also named, is Kevin Weisman who played one of the Glory minions all the way back in BtVS S5.
Something good had to happen in 2017. This was very we news!
Plus Brigid Brannagh was Virginia Bryce in 4 episodes of "Angel". :)
Oh good catch :).
Do we know if this is set in the MCU yet or a side project? The fact that it's MARVEL's Runaways suggests it is but we haven't had proper confirmation.
Oh, yeah, forgot about Virginia.
Everything in the various articles indicate that it is a MCU show.
I believe all Marvel tv projects are set withing the MCU.We probably won't see a lot of crossovers.Just nods to the larger universe like the Netflix shows,I would think.

The only things not a part of the MCU are the new X-Men shows(the just premiered Legion and the upcoming FOX series).Even though they are being done as a co-production with Marvel(FOX had the X-Men movie rights but needed permission from Marvel to do any X-Men tv shows),they are FOX and X-Men so that is not a part of the MCU.

But all upcoming other shows....

Iron Fist,The Punisher,and The Defenders on Netflix
Inhumans on ABC
Runaways on Hulu
Cloak and Dagger on Freeform

...are a part of the MCU like Agents of Shield,Agent Carter,Daredevil,Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.
The way I've been saying it, the movies inform the TV shows, but the TV shows don't inform the movies. According to the movies Coulson is still dead.
This makes me so excited for this show. I read a little of the comics but I don't remember it well, so I probably didn't read too far in. I should spend some of my birthday money on vol. 1 posthaste.
The comics are quite good, and lend themselves well to a TV show.

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