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February 10 2017

Why (and why not) Fox should produce a Firefly reboot. Quite a few pop-culture sites in the last couple of days have picked up on what Fox's David Madden said about a Firefly reboot last month and blown his comments all out of proportion. The Verge, however, has taken a different approach and wonders if Firefly should come back or if it should just be left alone.

Whedonesque reported on Madden's comments on January 13th.

I agree with the last line in the article. A Firefly reboot should only happen if Joss wants to do it. If he has a vision for a new series, whatever that may be. The writers had a lot of interesting ideas on how they could bring back the universe without it being centered on the original crew. A ST: Next Generation type spinoff, or one from the Alliance POV would be interesting.
Given that there's only ONE Joss, I'm weary about a spinoff. I feel like he'd just be playing second-fiddle to his own masterpiece. And considering he can only work on one thing at a time (at least FULLY committed) then I'd rather it be something new.

Now if it was with the original cast, I would be much more excited...but still a bit worried about trying to recapture that lightning in a bottle.
I'd like a sequel to Serenity. There was supposed to be a trilogy, sigh.
I agree with Simon, movie sequels seem like a better way to continue the Firefly story. First, getting the cast back together for a movie would be much easier than a TV show. Second, Joss could work on a really tight script and wait until he's 100% satisfied before pulling the trigger. A TV show would require a lot more on-the-fly adjustment, network/producer input, and just feels like it would have a harder time living up to the original. I'd kill to see a "get the band back together" sequel to Serenity where Mal dusts off the ship and flies around collecting his old crew for their first mission in years...I kinda think about this a lot :)
Can you imagine how dark Serenity 2 would have been? And Serenity 3 where Mal sets everything right but at some great personal cost.
I'd love a really dark Serenity 2, the cast is all still plenty young enough for it. Although I would hope that a sequel went back to the cinematography and more western feel of the show, as much as I worship the film. Get rid of those cold blues and brong back the gold and brown. I know it'd probably never happen with how big he is now but I would love for them to have to team up with the Operative in the sequel, he was such a good character, and his arc in the film was so well done. Watching a disillusioned gman try to redeem himself among the crew would be interesting, and they could certainly use his know how.

Anyway I wonder if they could collaborate with Netflix on a Serenity sequel, I loved the big budget that brought us the epic space battle in the movie but I don't think it's necessary. A low budget netflix original serenity sequel would be shiny.
Oh and I'm just babbling ideas now but just had an afterthought. That short story from the Firefly Celebration book where the crew have split up and Mal is a crotchety loner would make a great movie with all the time that has passed. Kind of like the Firefly version of Old Man Logan they're doing with the new Wolverine movie. Preferably with johnny cash playing on some futuristic thingymajig in a dilapidated Serenity wreck Mal's living out of on a backwater moon alone. Then he has to go get the band back together again. And bonds with Zoe and Wash's daughter! And River's running the remaining crew! Aaaah, I let myself get too excited again. So much potential.
I would have loved seeing the Serenity Trilogy. It was the first thought I had after watching it in theaters back in the day. If there was ever a time, Joss could write some great stories of political challenges in space, it would be right now.

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