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February 11 2017

"Maybe the only time I that I cried in earnest at narrative television was on Buffy". SNL alum (and current King George on Hamilton) Taran Killam tells Stephen Colbert on The Late Show about his fanboy reaction to meeting Sarah Michelle Gellar backstage after a performance of Hamilton.

Link goes to a video clip of the interview. The anecdote comes about three minutes into the interview.

I was so pleased to hear this from Taryn Killam. I am now a 65-year-old man, who cried when I first saw these episodes from Season 2 in the late nineties. TV has never been finer than Buffy, and the 2d, 3d, and 5th years were extraordinary and so very moving.
Wasn't sure if this was worth putting on the front page, but Sarah Michelle Gellar and Lin Manuel Miranda have been having some amazing twitter exchanges:
Bluelark, that is totally front page material IMHO. It's also really cool!

Can it get any more meta than this? At least for me?

Adore Stephen Colbert (did you guys hear him on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, standing in for Lena Dunham? Totally hilarious!)

I have been listening to the Hamilton sound track and am totally blown away by it. Miranda's use of language is amazing - no wonder seeing Hamilton distracted Joss from his own writing. I doubt I'll get to actually see it on stage, alas. (At some point I do want to check in on how historically accurate Hamilton is. Wish I had more time.)

And "King George" geeking out about meeting SMG.

and SMG and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Tweeting each other.


I SO want to be in the room where it's happening.

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With all the netflix revivals going on, I'd love to see Goddard or Steven S DeNight or another Buffy director do a stand alone film or mini series about a single character or two. I can't imagine Whedon going back to Buffy but I'd love to see someone we trust tackle a Ripper miniseries or Willow standalone. My dream would be Spike but I can't figure an explanation for his age that wouldn't feel forced. Maybe A flashback with CGI young spike to the aftermath of the battle in angel where he's the only survivor and he gets shanshued? Then start the plot up with old aged Spike going and getting himself bitten and revamped to avenge someone or save someone?
Bluelark, thanks for the links to the twitter feed! Very sweet.
Well the canon story has moved on past the shows in the comics under Joss (who was intending to write a Giles mini series this season too). Assuming they could just make a fully canon compliant scenario, I'd love more live BtVS but I think it would be hard to get it to work and include Spike or Angel. Even if they explained the age jumps in the vamps by them being human, Spike choosing to be revamped would have to come with resouling too or it would trash his development post soul. Then I think it would all seem way too contrived to clearly get to use JM still and cover the age change sadly.
Personally I don't consider the comics cannon, I know they are but I'm sure that could be changed if they wanted to do a do-over for a live adaptation. I read the comics through season 8 and 9 and just never liked them. but that's probably more a fault of mine as I've never enjoyed comics, I find the dialogue strange to read, it just always feels unnatural to me. I see what you mean about Spike's soul being an issue @Stoney. I guess when push comes to shove I don't know that I want to see an old Spike because there's a chance it wouldn't be perfect and I'd hate his character to be lessened by it. But it kills me he never got his own show, especially since they were talking about teaming him with Willow for a while (the Illyria teamup never appealed to me, I didn't love her character). A Spike show or movie could have been even better than Buffy or Angel. His character was always so defined by those two, but I enjoyed him most when he was focussed on outside of them, eg Fool for Love and Lies My Parents Told Me and Lovers Walk.

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