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February 18 2017

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is taking 6 weeks off. Following episode 15 this Tuesday, the show will return on April 4th; likely placing the season finale on May 16th.

Unless they were planning on 27 episodes they have to burn off something else in the non-sweeps weeks. It will be back for the run up and through May sweeps when it matters. And it is only off the air for 5 Tuesdays. Not 6.
One Tuesday for Trump. I wonder what they will do with the other 4 ?

To date they have missed only 8 Tuesdays (3 at X-mas) out of 13 required so it was bound to happen. FWIW I prefer this arrangement to having the breaks irregularly.
They are running (burning off) 4 eps of cheap People magazine fluff. Just filler because heavily serialized shows like AoS don't repeat well.
@IrrationaliTV That makes sense. I have a theory that one reason why the Big 3 nets avoid March is that can't properly promote
new episodes of shows when Thursday-Sunday are taken up with Basketball for 3 weeks.
Yes, JDL, that and the time change messes with everything for a couple weeks. Depresses all viewership and me personally. ;)
Did you just say "language?"

Got spoiled by two years of Agent Carter taking up the slack.
Yeah, previously, they had a longer winter hiatus that was filled with Agent Carter. But without Agent Carter, there's really nothing to put in that hiatus, so they broke up the season into three "pods" and so have three breaks.

It's kind of sad because this is the best way to break up the season, really -- a break after each story arc -- but it will inevitably lead to a loss in viewers and AOS is already very low-rated.

The only hope I have for a Season 5 is that ABC will just ignore the ratings entirely, much like the CW did for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (which remains the lowest rated show to ever get renewed for a third season).
Somewhere IrrationalTV just cried out in terror...
I don't think any of the other networks think the way the CW does. The CW is all about building a small but very loyal audience for a show and targeting just the right advertisers.

This break is no cause for alarm. By breaking the season into comic-book-like story arcs, it makes sense to take a break between each arc, especially with the shorter mid-season break this year. And they are scheduling it right through May sweeps, which is a good sign. I have a feeling we might see some aggressive advertising and interest-building during the break. Trying to win back some viewers by building up expectations of a boffo final arc... and then hopefully delivering one.
Well, good analysis everyone! Don't think there's anything more to add, so I say we break until Tuesday. Here's hoping the ratings stay level at least. Go team!

And for gosh sake, watch your language!
Ha! Grack21, I read that last night and decided I didn't have the energy to beat that dead horse again. Funny thing is I don't really have the energy tonight either. Sometimes the desire people have to picnic just won't be denied. Why should I deprive them of that weird twisted joy? :)
It should be explained for those from elsewhere that the CW and Fox networks differ from the Big 3 broadcast nets in that they;
1) do not have any programming in the third hour, 2) do not have a news department, and 3) tend to have lower cost shows that
can survive with lower ratings. (note:Fox News is a separate cable channel.)

This leads to some slightly different behaviors. They ignore election stuff, press conferences, debates, speeches, etc.. They can go
head to head with sporting events and do ok and probably something else I'm forgetting.
Well if we're all going tp picnic then I'll make some sandwiches!

Also shout out to Nebula for getting my Ultron reference. :P

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