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February 22 2017

(SPOILER) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. bosses on those shocking LMD twists. Spoiler hints for the next episodes.

That was great. Shed some light. I'm so surprised that they'll still have to deal with at least one LMD in this third Season 4 story arc (though it's kinda cool that Aida [whose actress has been the best new discovery this season] has been in all three arcs, is the connective tissue between them all, and may end up being the main villain of the year).

I hope they do spend a significant amount of time in the Framework. It's the fourth season of this series, they can run wild for a bit.
I think they will, considering the name of this third arc.
They're doing at least 2 eps partly in the Framework. The next episode title is out and a certain teaser video for a returning actor had him reading a script with another episode name on it.

There's also been talk of resolving a loose thread from S1 as well. Rhymes with Jumbotron.

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Oh it has to be way more than 2 episodes, considering what the title of the last arc (or last pod, as they are calling them now) is, and that title can't possibly be referring to the "real life". I'm assuming all the remaining episodes will be at least partially in the Framework.
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