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February 23 2017

The 15 funniest episodes of Buffy. The most contentious list we've ever had here (probably).

Hmm. The most glaring omission to me is Superstar.
I'm glad they gave Life Serial a good spot. After starting the series during Season 6, that's the episode that made me fall head over heels in love with the show.

Is it just me or did that list not include Doppelgangland? That must be a mistake, right? "I'm a bloodsucking fiend! Look at my outfit!"
Next time: the 15 most contentious lists of Buffy episodes.

And yeah, Doppelgangland gets my vote for funniest overall. But there are some good candidates on that list.
Well I definitely agree with #1. Synder absolute kills me EVERY time.
I love Snyder in Band Candy and the delivery of that line is classic. :D
The Zeppo has to be #1 for me. Hell, even the tearful Buffy and Angel drama is played for laughs.
All hail Armin Shimmerman:

"What is that--avant garde?"

Definitely agree on Doppelgangland. I'd put the Puppet Show (see above) and Doomed (for Spike's "Christmas and puppies" speech) on the list and remove Buffy vs. Dracula, which has never amused me.

BB&B will always be my #1
Just seeing people's comments reminds me how much I love that show.
edcsLove9 said:
Hmm. The most glaring omission to me is Superstar.

Yes! Even better, knowing that Danny Strong's real life ascension to the ranks of A-list creatives in Hollywood has made him a kind of superstar.

I hate these listicle puff pieces but they do serve to remind how BtVS has remained relevant, funny and just fricking great after all these years. In these parlous times, I think my soul needs a rewatch of the whole series.
"You want slug? Go with slug. She's not gonna sleep with you, anyway." - Buffy
I'd put Something Blue as #1, followed by Band Candy and Tabula Rasa, and I'd definitely put The Puppet Show and Superstar on the list. But overall it's a pretty good list with good write-ups.

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