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"Someone wasn't worthy."
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February 26 2017

David Boreanaz on whether he'd do a Buffy reunion. The answer would be no, which is fair enough.

Fair enough, still broke my heart.
"I tend to like to go forward. I don’t like to go backward." -- Pretty much exactly what Joss says, too.
As he plays a vampire, he's a bit too old now too.
If Peter Cushing can play a major role in a movie 20 years after his death anything is possible! But yeah, CGI Angel would probably be pretty silly. At this point I'd still like to see something else done in the Buffyverse-to stay with the Star Wars theme-akin to the Force Awakens where the old guard passes the torch to the new.
I think the answer here is obvious. The LEGO Buffy movie.
LEGO is the solution.
I'd like to have a Buffy LEGO set... :)
Lego! Yes! #LegoBuffy!
Yes to Lego Buffy but Lego Firefly may be too big a stretch.

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