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February 28 2017

Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Blu-ray finally gets listed on There's bonus features but there's no breakdown of what exactly they are (note that this the UK Blu-ray but it is region-free).

This is just a listing for the UK version sold on, there hasn't been an "official" North American release yet. It is however region free, so it can play on Region A Blu-ray players. According to its page on, the bonus features are just deleted scenes and a gag reel. Hopefully this means we'll be getting a proper (Region A) release soon. Who knows why it takes so long for certain shows to get physical releases.
AoS DVDs usually don't feature many episode commentaries, do they? I wonder why that is, especially seeing how much fun and chemistry together all the cast and crew seem to have in interviews and other off screen appearances. Is it maybe due to lack of time enough time to record commentaries?
Well spotted drovethrughosts. I've added some more info to the entry, thanks.
DVDs and BDs for TV shows are very rarely profitable anymore. I expect them to be non-existent in the next few years.
@IrrationaliTV Well that's sounds like what I have been dreading. Is there any chance they would keep one
or the other of the two formats and drop the other ? The only other possibility I can see for keeping them
would be if they were deemed to have enough promotional value to be worthwhile.

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JDL, I assume decisions will be made on that on a show by show basis and pretty much only as a promotional expense. It is the rare show that turns a profit in physical media these days so I look at it as a marketing expense. Confirms to me AOS is relatively profitable if there is a BD release because I doubt that it actually returns anything to the bottom line.
Thx IrrationaliTV. I have a feeling this will move towards downloadable packages in the near future for most shows then.
Something along the lines of what they do with downloadable movies now that are included in 2-3 disc* combo sets but
without all the restrictions those have.

*1 each BD, BD-3D, DVD.

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The future will be streaming, not downloads. The content owners don't want you buying their shows and paying only once... they want you to subscribe to a service and pay monthly.
@AndrewCrossett One problem with streaming is that ISP's are starting to limit usage. In my case right now the limit is 250
GB/month which is reasonably high. But I fully expect that limit will be lowered down the road. It depends on how much it costs
to produce downloadable content imo. Since many if not all shows are already downloadable on Amazon and iTunes I think the
costs are not that high. I would think this approach is profitable but until we hear from someone who knows for sure I will concede
its still iffy.

The other problem is that content providers to this point seem highly resistant to a la carte streaming which is what many of
us want. If discs go away then downloads seem (imo) a good way to satisfy this segment of the market.
Same price to buy a full season of a TV show from iTunes or Vudu or Amazon or many other outlets that is yours to keep forever as to buy a physical copy. You don't have to stream anything. You can simply own digital versions. It's not a grand conspiracy. :)
That's interesting. A season of AoS (HD) on Amazon is $10 cheaper than iTunes but unless I am misreading it, is not
downloadable, streaming only. iTunes is just the opposite. Why would they do it like that ?

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