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March 01 2017

How Buffy the Vampire Slayer will mark its 20th anniversary. With some new merchandise and competitions according to the press blurb. More of the merchandise can be found at Yahoo!.

Where is the Blu-Ray announcement though? I really hope that happens at some point this year. I feel like my life would be complete if my favourite show was released in HD. /melodrama over

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I want the board game.
I like the idea of new merchandise. About time.
Not 20 years! But I'm glad it's being celebrated. Does anyone know if the board game's any good?
All we need is for Fox to repair the damage they've done: redo their HD remaster for every episode (the one on Netflix is a huge embarrassment). And then they can release a 20th anniversary Blu-ray edition.
That's it? That merch is cute but how anticlimactic. I feel like the Blu-ray will never happen at this point.
The board game is amazing.
I think the ship has sailed on the Blu-ray. A video game would be nice. Maybe the PS2/Xbox ones could get a mobile port.
@Simon I dream a dream of Lego Buffy - the toy & video game.

I expect to see everyone's high school pictures.

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I would love a new Buffy video game.
Yeah unlike the board game the HD versions are...not amazing. And should be launched into the sun.
Ooohhhh, I wonder if the authorised encyclopedia will put some canon debates back on the table?
What canon debates? (Feel like maybe I shouldn't ask)
Perhaps better to keep on the down low. There's a bunch of potentially 'semi' canon comics that there were some disagreements about as to their canonicity - basically all the IDW Angel comics come after the first 17 issues of After the Fall and some of the related mini's. The encyclopaedia might make reference to these in discussions of characters, which would make things interesting!

[ edited by aapac on 2017-03-02 04:09 ]
It wouldn't really change any debate though I don't think as the encyclopaedia itself isn't official is it? The comics after the first 17 were distinct/separate from After the Fall and don't have Joss' name to them. So it doesn't lift them beyond being just the same as any of the other many non canon stories that have been produced.

EDIT: My bad, I see it is authorised. Still, difficult to know how much specific guidance on canon was given or if sight of the final edit was provided. Perhaps some opening blurb will clarify that. I'd be seriously surprised if anything post #17 was included. I'd expect a reference to the bug ship being introduced in the Spike 8 but nothing from that story beyond that. A little like there could be reference to the comics using Dylan from JM's recent Spike story, but DH confirmed after she appeared in S10 that using her didn't make that canon. Being authorised does make this publication more interesting to me now for sure but I doubt it will have been seen by Joss and firmly approved so it probably won't stop the debates. :)

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That's Buffy jacket from Dead Things not Graduation Day?
I'm underwhelmed by most of the merchandise, but I'll admit that I really want to see Funko release a Rupert Giles Pop Vinyl figure. (Some River Tam toys would be great, too.)
Cool, but I'm waiting to see how many kids get handcuffed or sent home from school for wearing that "I Slay" t-shirt. The idiocy of "zero tolerance policies" (a.k.a. "zero thinking policies") in action.

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