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March 02 2017

Amy Acker Set as Female Lead in Fox's still untitled Marvel / X-Men Drama created by Matt Nix. She'll play Kate Stewart, a woman who is struggling with family troubles, who finds that she's stronger than she thinks.

Am I missing the title of the series?
Still untitled. Updated the tile to better reflect this and clarify the topic.
Smashing. Good for Amy.
So excited for Amy to be on a show I really want to watch. I just couldn't get into POI.
So these are entirely new characters?
Great to hear.I've been enjoying Legion so hopfully this will be great too.

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Interesting. There are even more aspects about this project that entice me, but Acker certainly trumps over the rest. Hopefully this will be good - even though these (superhero) comic shows/adaptions don't necessarily have the best track record.
Well...I probably wouldn't mind even a shitty show (much) as long as Acker gets to play yet another awesome character. So if in doubt - focus your writing efforts on her and you'll be fine.
I'll watch pretty much anything with Amy in it :) (Never got around to Person of Interest, it's on my list, but so are a ton of other things.)
Ooooh nice. Must watch now. I have Legion unwatched on my dvr. Anyone seen it? Is it any good?
She single handedly made Person of Interest watchable when ever she was off screen I wanted to change the channel.
Legion is excellent, eddy. I find I look forward to it all week, and think about it all day the day after it airs.

My son's response to this news is "I'm in. All I needed to read was Amy Acker and Marvel in the same sentence."

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So far I've only seen the pilot of "Legion", but that didn't do very much for me. Some small aspects I liked and it was nice to see that actress from "Fargo" again, but I found the narrative technique and the way some of the dialog was handled to be off-putting. I'd like to maybe call the former 'excessively artsy' and the latter annoying.
Still, it wasn't all "bad" (far from it and "bad" is the wrong term anyway) and I'll probably watch atleast a couple more episodes down the line.
Hope this works out well - Acker's portrayal of Illyria (who, let's face it, was a physically powerful woman struggling with issues of ..... power?) was great. She moved with an almost feline grace, so different to Fred, that I am sure she will be able to convey this well.
I never cared for Xmen much, although First Class was interesting because of McAvoy and Fassbender. But Logan was INCREDIBLE, and I have hated the last two wolverine movies. And Legion is my favourite show on TV at the moment alongside Black Sails and Walking Dead. So I'm interested in this. Legion is killing it, the first episode was a little too confusing but it was so beautifully shot I didn't mind. But after that first episode it scaled down the 'wtf is going on' factor and now I look forward to it all week.

Interesting to see Dan Stevens so boyish and innocent, though tormented. He played a stone cold badass in The Guest, and even though they haven't changed his look much between the two roles, he's unrecognisable in one from the other. Good actor.
That's good. She deserves to be a lead in something.
I like Amy a lot and wish this show well, but... this looks awfully similar to "Mutant X" to me. Will people tune in to the pilot saying "Hey, cool, an X-Men TV show!" and then promptly lose interest when there are no X-Men?

The writers and producers are going to have to hit an absolute grand slam with the pilot and the first few episodes if this show is going to stand a chance. I hope they do.
@Nebula1400: And this certainly sounds like a much better role than Coulson's damselled girlfriend.
@Andrew, Polaris and Blink, who are both in the show are actual members of the X-Men. And there's a character who sounds a lot like Warpath.

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