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March 02 2017

The top 20 Buffy the Vampire Slayer quotes. This is actually a really good video to watch.

Aw, that was fun. But if they include things other characters say too, it could be a couple of hours long. :)
Not the quotes I would have chosen, but the list justifies itself just by including the Gandhi quote.
It's missing two of the quotes I use most: "Love makes you do the wacky" and "I am off my game. My game has left the country. ...It's in Cuernavaca."

Also, by sticking exclusively to the purely-funny quotes, this video is an interesting way of showing how much Buffy (and the show) became more grim over time. Not too many lines from S5 or S6, none from S7. One of my very favorite lines is "That's because the dress is radioactive," which is funny, but it's in a context that's just heartbreaking.
What about "Fire bad, tree pretty"? Perfect expression of total and complete mental exhaustion.
They didn't just limit it to Buffy's lines, they also clearly limited it just to funny one liners. Which is why the video would give a very skewed idea of the show to anyone who did not see it, they'd think it's a comedy. A real collection of best Buffy lines would have to include some of her great dramatic lines and speeches, from Prophecy Girl to Becoming II (which has the defining Nuffy moment with "Me") to Amends to The Gift to Chosen, and these are just some that immediately sprang to mind.

And even if it's just funny Buffy lines, they are missing some of my favorite, like the classic "Your logic does not resemble our Earth logic", which is extremely useful, quotable and gifable in online discussions and comments.
Continuing the theme of "useful" quips:

"I'm not late. I'm not late until the bell rings!"
(I'm a teacher.)


"Oh my god, are you twelve?"
(I'm a high-school teacher.)

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