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March 06 2017

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' 20th Anniversary: Joss Whedon looks back - and forward. Interview with Joss about the 20th anniversary of Buffy.

Joss may be working on something that takes place during the holocaust. I want that!
He, unsurprisingly, has extremely good taste in current TV shows.
I wonder if there was a memo forbidding mention of the HD transfer/Blu-ray.
And how about the fact that Netflix's version of Once More with Feeling is 43 minutes long?
He does have good taste in television: both Legion and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are amazing shows and everyone should watch them.
@electricspacegirl That isn't Netflix's fault outright, though. They can only use what FOX gives them. FOX chose to remaster an edited-for-TV version of the episode and then gave it to Netflix. It's really on them.

We should also remember that Joss had to get special permission to air OMWF on UPN originally because it was too long.
@libradude It would be swell if he could at least acknowledge the poor handling of the transfer. It's been years and he has been silent on the matter. It's sort of a bummer. I could understand a conflict of interest and him not wanting to speak out against Fox. It would have been so much better had they just let the standard def episodes be.
@without_passion I mean, no one is forcing folks to watch the problematic HD version. Sure, it's on Netflix, but there are various ways of watching the show in the original standard format. Also, Joss has addressed the situation via a few tweets-- it has just been a while.
without_passion, actually Joss did speak out about the HD transfer. He complained about it on twitter a few years ago. But he doesn't have control over it. He was powerless to stop it from happening.

libradude, of course there are other ways to watch Buffy. I own the DVDs. But there are so many people discovering it on Netflix who have no idea that the OMWF episode is the edited version with scenes missing. I would also like to mention that hulu's version of Buffy is also the HD widescreen remastered episode from season 2 on, except for the musical. The musical episode is the proper length.
It's weird -- the musical episode is the only episode that's supposed to be in widescreen, so why did they use the edited for broadcast version?
@libradude I mean, Netlfix is the most popular streaming service. Brand new viewers aren't going to hunt down DVDs of the show when they can watch it for much less in HD on Netflix. And the sad part is they likely won't know any better/won't be getting the same experience as it was intended. It seems like a huge waste of an opportunity. Viewers on Hulu are getting the standard version, I believe.

@electricspacegirl Oh, I must have forgotten/missed that!

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Actually Joss never addressed the HD issue directly, he tweeted that Buffy in 16:9 was nonsense, but that was nothing new (and the aspect ratio is far from being the worst issue of the remaster).

Then he tweeted he should investigate the "Blu-ray issue", but that was 2 years ago, and he never said anything else. I do find his silence very puzzling, he's not one to shy away from a big issue. I'm surprised he would be scared of Fox.
@Liam12 Everything I was thinking. Thanks for saying it. I don't understand why he has stayed silent on the matter. Surely he is aware of it now, especially since he is back on Twitter.
“I don’t need to write stories that aren’t about adolescent girls with superpowers. I’m entirely comfortable if that’s all I do. But can I find a new in, a new statement, a new rhythm, a new reason to speak?”

Now that is the kind of self-insight and questioning that I love to hear from Joss. I so want a new "Buffy" ... I have every confidence that Joss will find a new in, a new statement, a new rhythm, a new reason to speak ... and we will be wow'ed. More adolescent girls with superpowers please.
@Liam12 @without_passion It's not Joss's job to be the savior in regards to this HD issue. He said he would look into it a few years ago (as said above). Because we haven't heard anything else from him, I assume he DID look into it and didn't have any luck.

New viewers are just as likely to be turned off by the standard version of the show as the HD version (especially young viewers today, who expect widescreen everything).
@libradude Not saying it's his "job" but if anyone has leverage to encourage a well done transfer, it's him. My point is that his silence is discouraging after 2+ years of this widely hated version being available to the masses. I just don't understand why it seems like he's not doing much at all to fix this. Maybe he is in talks behind the scenes, but maybe not. There's no point in assuming. The facts are he has not said a word about this issue in two years.

Okay, but the viewers who get hooked on the show may feel cheated to learn that they are watching a different version. And yes, the changes are significant enough that these are new versions altogether.

I'm not sure why fans are expected to shrug off the botched handling of one of the most beloved TV shows of all time just because there are other versions available, especially with the technology we have today. There's really no excuse for the monstrosity Fox has rushed to produce.

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Eh. I say just dont watch it. At least we have the DVDs which are only ruined in a minor way. Roswell fans have Dvds with the wrong music. I will say that its sad that in 100 years some one might be watching a botched Buffy transfer in whatever media the show is in at that point.

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