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March 06 2017

Seventeen bizarre Buffy collectibles that will slay you. Never did get the Buffy Tongue Painter Chupa Chups.

Those Buffy lollipops were actually the only thing on that list I did have. Always wanted the puppet and Orb of Thesulah though. (And the Scythe, but it's not on the list.)

I remember loving the Buffy chocolate bars, though. Especially the Willow flavour, which I think was raspberry.
The Buffy Easter Eggs that came out in the UK were my favourite thing.
I so very very much wanted the Library playset. I couldn't justify it (idiot me). A friend did give me the BtVS board game; it's still in shrinkwrap, all these years later. I also got chupa chups from friends, but not the tongue painter kind.
I have 7 of the items listed there, the weirdest being the inflatable chair. Not sure why I picked it up other than it said "Buffy" on it.

And yes, I do need help.
I totally still have my empty tin that the lollipops came in!
Awww, no mention of the Buffy fruit snacks?
I have exactly one of these.
I own a few of these things. And many of the items I don't own I actually didn't know about (because I would have been all over that library!).
I have a library collecting dust. I gave up displaying it because the cat used to get onto the shelf and demolish all the 6' figures.

I did find the backpack, metal tin & pop up people the other day while sorting the cupboard.
No mention of the merch for the never-existed Buffy cartoon?

Kitchen magnet & beach towel at least.

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