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March 08 2017

Nick Brendon talks about his time on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Another great interview from The A.V. Club.

That was... interesting. I mean, I actually appreciate his candour because it made for a really interesting interview but his answers got weirder as they went on. Some of the things he said about Buffy.... ummm
That last bit/answer is brutal...
But yeah, interesting interview. I think I like him.
Ugh, really glad Buffy and Xander didn't end up together. That would have made zero sense. Buffy does indeed need a little monster in her man, and if that weren't so, she would have been much better off with Riley, who was (until we needed a reason to think otherwise) much more mature and kind than Xander.
I vaguely recall that Buffy and Xander were on the cards for Buffy Season 7 and Xander would have then been killed off and come back as a monster. I think.
He'd only been acting for three months when he got it ?!? Geez, that's a lucky break (I mean yes, he has excellent comic timing and was -- and still is -- handsome and a shoe-in for the role, but still...right place, right time, and probably aced the Good on him.

Nicholas Brendon said:
"I had a tougher time with season seven. I think because I knew the show was coming to an end. We had all these Slayerettes there. Personally and selfishly I probably just wanted to end the show as we started the show just with the core. I didn’t want all these kind of—and nothing personal to the ladies that played the Slayerettes—it became too much."

This ! A million times this ! Fuuuck I hate almost the entirety of post-"Conversations With Dead People" Season 7 ! It could have been so much better, or something a bit different...


The answer to the last question was a punch in the gut. I almost teared up reading it, not just because of what happened to the fan's sister, but because I could feel Nick's pain in his answer. He's a genuine guy, seems like. I liked his answers. They were honest. He doesn't need to represent the show anymore, so he tells it like he sees it.

Glad he's gotten sober.

For what it's worth, I know I and a hell of a lot of fans didn't undervalue Xander one bit -- he was an integral part of the series and I'm glad they never killed him off. I would've been behind a Buffy/Xander pairing (was sorta hoping for it in the comic), but I kinda like that this isn't a typical genre story where the nerdy guy gets the girl (and Xander's not THAT big of a nerd, to be fair).

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I was never behind Buffy/Xander and I think not doing it was one of the best decisions Joss made.

Just think about how that would look like: Buffy loves Xander as a friend, but has no romantic interest in him; Xander is crushing on her, is constantly jealous of every guy she's interested in; when she (nicely) rejects him, he gets angry and blames her for it, he repeatedly blames her and criticizes her choice of men (which makes him pretty hypocritical, as he is constantly getting involved with 'bad girls', often of the demonic kind, while ignoring Willow's crush on him for a long time and acting pretty insensitively towards her at times). He even elaborates on his fantasy in which Buffy will be unhappy with Angel and then he'll swoop in to save her and she'll be grateful and cry in his arms. Later he gets involved with other women and gets over his crush on Buffy, but he still criticizes her sexual choices in season 6. And Buffy has several failed relationships and then... finally decides that Xander is the right guy for her?

Ugh. No. That's a classic male fan's fantasy that stinks of the Nice Guy philosophy. (If only Buffy had been smarter and learned to 'value' Xander earlier instead of getting involved with those bad boys, blah blah blah...)

It's kind of sad to see that NB also subscribes to that kind of mentality, to an extent, with his comments about Xander sleeping with Buffy. Buffy's not anyone's prize.

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