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March 08 2017

Seven episodes for the perfect all-night Buffy binge. Some might say that seven is too few.

Not crazy about this list. Starting with School Hard seems very Spike-centric - I would've gone with Prophecy Girl. And why have both Becoming Part 2 and Graduation Day Part 2 instead of both halves of one two-parter? Also seems odd to put the two most comedic episodes - Storyteller and The Zeppo - right next to each other. Hush and Once More With Feeling seem like indisputable choices though, and The Body probably is too much of a downer to include. I might've put Restless in there somewhere. Obviously no two Buffy fans will ever agree though.
The irreparable tears in Willow and Tara's relationship were reparable. Just saying.
Without thinking too much about it...
Prophecy Girl
No Place Like Home
The Gift

I don't think that agreement is impossible, by the way. This is not the lottery, where every option has the same probability. Some episodes are very likely to appear on such a list while others are very unlikely. There only need to be about six and a half thousand fans, who create their lists from the same fifteen episodes and you'll have atleast one (complete) match guaranteed. This number rises to roughly about seventy-eight thousand if you widen the scale to twenty episodes.
I love the choice of School Hard as an intro to Buffy. I've used that episode to introduce the show to someone before.

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