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"I had to dismember that guy with a trowel."
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March 08 2017

Adam Busch knows that Buffy fans think Warren's terrible. To think we could have had The Trio as an evil boy band in Once More With Feeling.

That's a nice interview. Adam comes off as a real mensch.

And oh - the idea of the Trio as an evil boy band. If only. (But there's nothing that could have been cut from OMWF).

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It's a nice idea, but the Trio wouldn't have fit with the theme of the episode. Also, the episode would have been 2 hours long or something.
Well... of course they do; Warren was scum who deserved what he got at Dark Willow's hands.
I wouldn't say that anyone "deserves" to be skinned alive. That's a very dangerous and disturbing line of thinking.

The article explains very well why the show was so on point and ahead of time in its depiction of Warren as a villain and the Trio in general. I've always thought that season 6 and Warren as a villain were severely underrated.

On the other hand, it was sad to hear that people were so often weird to him because of a character he played. It's really odd how many people even today have a problem with distinguishing fiction from reality and actors from their roles.

On another note, I laughed at the part where he was talking about why he liked Spike better than Angel and said that Angel was "an angel", "an idealized partner that's always there to save you". LOL what? What show did you watch, Adam?
I guess he may be one of the people who think that's how Buffy saw Angel/what she hoped and wanted him to be, but come on, Buffy was never that deluded to actually think that, and the idea doesn't stand at all based on canon.

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