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March 08 2017

'Buffy' at 20: Gail Berman reflects on the rocky road to air and how the show could return. There's some interesting behind-the-scenes info here that you might not have been aware of. Like Buffy could have been an NBC show for example.

Great interview. Gale really doesn't get enough praise in fandom for her contributions to the show. If it weren't for her this show would never have existed.
I never knew that Marcie Ross was named after Gail Berman's assistant. But I think she's mistaken that nobody else considers OOMOOS among their favorite episodes. Apparently Dark Horse constantly got letters from people asking if Marcie would show up in the comics. She seemed to be the one-off character with the most follow-up potential who never got followed up.
Apparently a number of shows used the name "Marcie Ross" because of Gail's assistant. I remember an interview from a while back saying that it had become a bit of a hidden joke in Hollywood (not sure if it still is) and that it'd crop up a lot. Aside from Buffy, I do remember the name coming up in The OC once;

Ryan: So who'd you get partnered with?

Marissa: Marcie Ross"

But I can't remember the others right now.
Also like her opinions on which guy Buffy should be with. It also makes you wonder what would have happened if they made the movie with more seriousness, or at least the level the TV show had.
And Dark Horse, bring back Marcie Ross. If she lost her invisibility from the Hellmouth, show how she learned other skills from the "FBI"
Wasn't that actor who is still working, who auditioned for Angel, Nathan Fillion? I heard he did get the lead in another really good show, but it only lasted a season (well, not even that).
I remember catching a little bit of the movie, when my roommate, who was a big sci-fi fan, was watching it on tape in our living room, and I thought it was a cute idea. When I heard that it was being made into a series, I thought, come on, seriously? It's a one-joke concept, how are they going to keep this going over a series.

I had no idea!
I might be wrong about this, but I recall Fillion stating that he once auditioned for the role of Angel, and that Whedon didn't remember him from that. I suppose he would've remembered him, had Nathan been seriously considered for the part.
Yeah, Fillion said he didn't make the first cut, so Joss never saw him until the audition for Firefly.

Fillion was perfect as Mal Reynolds. He hit the anger and at the same time, he always had the charming roguishness. I don't think he would have suited Angel. I think he always has that charming roguish quality (except when torturing potential slayers and poking Xander's eye out), and it just wasn't the right fit for Angel.
@impalergeneral: I am far less bothered by her choice of ship - to each their own, a matter of taste and all that - than the fact she actually uses the dreadful Twilighty "Team Dude X", "Team Dude Y" expression (ugh).

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